youre standing on my neck la la la
2002-10-24 12:49:10 ET


I have sooomme friendles....yayee
Hot damn was Monday night awesome (don't think I've ever said awesome before) I was in the arcade block of the Vans Skatepark in the mall and I met this cool kid and we were like playing DDR and acting really stupid...and these girls were like throwing this ball at us and flipping him off...and I think like the Dance Dance song of the hour was pretty much In the Navy '99 SSR...he said he was gonna be back Friday provided they didn't ban 'em all for being crazy;I left before they did. But whatever...I'ma soo try to go back there..I need friends to go with my friendles.....
I fixed the mobile phone pic a it looks like this

I took out that stupid kissy part cause that never looked right...and I made his clothes look different
Bleeding Eyes
Run Lola Run

Bleeding Fingers
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (Arcade)
Mario Kart 64 (N64)
Demo: Frequency (PS2)
Tony Hawks Pro SKater 3 (PS2)
Dance Dance Revolution (PSX)
Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition (Genesis)

2002-10-24 14:40:09 ET

bling bling in the navy!

2002-10-25 19:23:51 ET

bling bling!

i miss phil...

2002-10-25 19:45:32 ET

lol see? people around my way are crazy

oh yes...anna=friendle

2002-10-28 12:08:19 ET

haha, bee beats his balogna!! HAHAHA who the fuck is that chick?? lol

2002-10-28 16:43:18 ET

That would be Tori: A girl I made up whose personality reflects upon that of my ladyfriend and a couple of people here...especially the friendles

2002-10-29 01:21:37 ET

oh......i was talking about the girl in the balogna picture lol

2002-10-29 10:18:29 ET

heh, balogna picture, nymphet lolita

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