and QB, it's not nice to fool the teacher by signing your test Kevin
2002-11-06 13:44:18 ET

meh, stuff is all right, been playing Tony Hawk 3 online (PS2) (name is beedrill Fiver, like most of the time), bee got a jobby working in the school's woodshop,(I'm rockin real minimum wage, 5 bucks a fickin hour, too sweet) wonder how this is going to be for me..I'm doing some schway comic strips based on one and two of Tahsa baybee's cool incidedents, possibly three or four, (not nessicarily in this order)wonder why no one else influences me to do one for one of them, meh
Bleeding Ears
Rob Zombie: The Ballad of Resurrection Joe and Rosa Whore

Bleeding Eyes
DIC's Super Mario Bros 3: Never Koop a Koopa, A very Unmagical Toad
DIC's Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Robotnik Express, Tails' New Home

2002-11-06 20:34:11 ET

Wow. PS2 got a network and everything... Hrm. I don't keep up to date with console games too much anymore. Computers all the way.

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