2002-11-09 03:15:46 ET

comments, insuluts, compliments, pointers please...lol for whoever wants, I'll fuck them up too

2002-11-10 05:31:27 ET

haha... cute.

2002-11-10 07:29:53 ET

heh, thanks, I'm witing a small cartoon fer some situations of hers, meh, don't think I've seen you before

2002-11-10 10:41:14 ET

thats nice.. post it sometime.

im kinda new =)

2002-11-12 10:42:22 ET

Well new people suck.. heh heh heh... Jost kidding..

2002-11-12 11:28:55 ET


2002-11-23 17:36:00 ET

very nice Bee. you have talent.

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