PLEASE CLICK THE LINKY PLEASE...this is the most bullshit I have ever heard
2002-11-15 13:58:19 ET

SintheticDesign: OH BEE~
PlasticWIREsteeL: oh?
PlasticWIREsteeL: hi rayvey
SintheticDesign: hidy
PlasticWIREsteeL: what's down?
SintheticDesign: JOSH!~
PlasticWIREsteeL: coolness
SintheticDesign: lmao
PlasticWIREsteeL: so whatcha doin'
SintheticDesign: nothing much... I know what I want to do.. * looks at Joshie *
PlasticWIREsteeL: heh......did I send you my story?
SintheticDesign: No did you see mine od Sk?
SintheticDesign: on*
PlasticWIREsteeL: ooooo, nope
PlasticWIREsteeL: i go there then
PlasticWIREsteeL wants to directly connect.
SintheticDesign is now directly connected.
PlasticWIREsteeL: the HELL?!!!
SintheticDesign: its real baby
SintheticDesign: LMAO
PlasticWIREsteeL: oh my god
PlasticWIREsteeL: lmao who the hell wrote this
PlasticWIREsteeL: manson ain't goth you idiots
SintheticDesign: its true though~
SintheticDesign: >.<<BR> PlasticWIREsteeL: i beleive you, but that's bullshit
PlasticWIREsteeL: "whatches cable"?
PlasticWIREsteeL: heheheh
SintheticDesign: LMAO
SintheticDesign: read WHY
PlasticWIREsteeL: oh damn
SintheticDesign: LMFAO
PlasticWIREsteeL: oh damn ::print::
PlasticWIREsteeL: the heading alone got me
SintheticDesign: I have to go ....
SintheticDesign direct connection is closed.
SintheticDesign signed off at 10:51:02 PM.
thank you for bringing that to my attention

2002-11-15 14:00:15 ET

Has piercings or tattoos.

My nose ring is so goth.

Kills people for fun.

It wasn't really for was more

2002-11-15 14:04:48 ET

"oh my god he watches cable and eats count chocula"
-f--ked up parent

the main deal is that crap is indeed real...goth as I know it ain't anything like that, but of course I don't know much about the new school gothik subculture...

2002-11-15 14:06:29 ET

No, I know what you mean.

Misbehaves in school.

That's like...everyone.

Sleeps too much or too little.

Once again, that's every teen. Too much on weekends and too little on weekdays.


2002-11-15 14:11:34 ET

I mean sure, some of that stuff might make a point to someone, but I mean really, how you're gonna slap the word goth upon it is fascinating. I have half a mind to track this idiot down and give-him-what-fer

2002-11-22 21:07:13 ET

I'm special quit talking about me damnit...Thats what Josh wants to do... LMFAO...

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