2002-05-20 13:24:27 ET

Talking to the demiTori is becoming rilly fun i wanna meet this girl...she motivates me tah draw... ^_^

2002-05-20 16:22:04 ET

sooo cool!

2002-05-22 11:02:11 ET

Isn't it just, I think long distance relationships can rilly work out...kinda like you n' mikey, no?

2002-05-22 14:59:00 ET

they could if you really wanted them too...

mikey and i arent going out..but we really like eachother...if we lived closer we would be going out.

2002-05-24 10:04:47 ET

yeah, I can see that. she lives a little over an hour away from me. given that, she was able to ask me out someday in summer, i'm rilly shittin on m'self cos i never went a courtin' but i guess yeh gotta start somewheres...sorry about you two tough (T_T)

2002-05-24 12:31:55 ET

oh its ok. =)

but good luck..shes only an hour away...maybe its not that bad. mikey is in nj and im in cali...its harder on us...i did a long distance relationship a while ago we were 7 hours away from eachother...it worked for 3 years =)

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