dance-dance-get-winded-and-fall-on-your-can-revolution 3rd mix plus
2002-05-22 11:43:02 ET

Yay the top 3 students from every gym and health class (lol) got to go to pine canyon, a nice little golf joint with an arcade and some other stuff I'll go through it

Kart racing: as always i had some competition but i didnt lose my butt this time

miniGolf: i did okay. i got crazy again though

Dance Dance Revolution: They SWARE I'm, quote-unquote, the DDR king (i'm nowhere near that, I can think of people i saw who are better than me I just got into doing maniac songs), maybe i'm just modest. It had one of my faovritest songs hidden on it: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba...Yayees!!!


On a lighter note, I was on AIM again with demiTori (don't know if she wants me to divulge her name yet) I was asposed to call her like i did yesterday (she says i have a pertty voice, yayee) but she's saying the phones are occupied right now, damn.....end of gloat

2002-05-22 19:28:18 ET

thats shitty about the phones...

but cool that you guys are talking over the phone.

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