one-two-three-four-oh-oh-seven...all the pricks I'll send to heaven
2003-01-18 13:19:21 ET

welp...this is the beta draft thing of my coffe table book project thing-thing, one of them anyway...

I'ma first make up my own kingdom hearts spoof logo I guess, then fix that Keyblade and possibly her attire, prolly not,..discuss amongst yourselves, heheh...

the other one is more or less gonna be some Fiver-DDR-Pump it Up!-thing...i dunno, gotta think this one i guess
the special ed school i'm in is becoming dramatically more and more retarded by the nanosecond...parents are looking to remove me, but for where? where's that Rayvin? she'll know something or other...
Jet Grind Radio (problematic Dreamcast, I almost fixed it by putting in the Disc Reader from my old one that wouldnt read controllers, it did little to nothing with most games...)
Demo: Frequency(PS2)
Kingdom Hearts(PS2)
Fighter Maker 2(PS2)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3/4(PS2)
Fighter Maker 2(PS2)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2(Genesis)
Doom (32X)

Coupling (NJN)
My Hero (NJN)


2003-01-18 14:29:42 ET

The CSS on your page is driving me INSANE

2003-01-18 14:38:51 ET

mm? CSS? care to elaborate? sorry that i'm slow

2003-01-18 15:00:55 ET

The code you entered so all those pictures move around like nuts.

2003-01-18 15:51:30 ET

oh, that I know nothing of...that I owe to this chick

lol with that aside, what do you make of meh drawing? hmm? heheh..

2003-01-18 16:32:20 ET

pretty funny

2003-01-20 00:45:05 ET

hey bee did ya play kingdom hearts or somethiing to get the idea for the key?

2003-01-23 09:26:09 ET

yep...kingdom hearts keyblade, which has now been a little to look like spark lightning or some stuff...i also fixed her physique and her left hand up a little...all in all, pretty sweet...I need me the DDR/PIU pic to do though...

2003-01-23 17:59:53 ET

yeah man! but about the keyblade why not use the kingdomblade!?
It's sweet! I gotta show ya a pic of it if I can find one!

2003-01-24 17:14:04 ET

You mean the Ultima Weapon or Save the King?....i ain't sure, I've only used protect chain and ultima weapon, lol---If I'da known how to use the chains I wouldn't have had so much a hard time with enemies like the Maleficent bosses or RikuAnsem, and spend like an hour and a half fighting the Fantasia demon and Four Behemoths (^_^)

2003-01-25 01:10:22 ET

hey its easy to use the other chains! just go to equip like normal and pick a chain for sora! The one I use is a hidden chain! did ya find all the pups?

2003-01-25 07:45:09 ET

yes...i beleive so...i think you need to do that too see the kh2 trailer, and i did...

2003-01-27 07:48:27 ET's become apparent that I don't know anything about these Weapons...I actually looked at my arsenal yesterday and I'm like...I don't know anything, cause I was looking at the list of weapons online and it didn't say what each one was, lol Save the King is a Sheild for Goofy, heh...and now I know what the Kingdom Key is...I thought chains changed the keys because I dont use them...but there is actually different keys...ugh

2003-01-28 10:41:49 ET

Wow, I love that picture! What am I (?) holding? You have to finish that/color it in. It's really cool!!

2003-01-28 10:45:37 ET

lol It's my version of a Kingdom Hearts keyblade, or it's going to I forgot that I was also sending this in as an Avatar

2003-01-28 14:29:17 ET

and then i was going to make donation buttons, but I going to wait until at least I donated to one of them, heheh

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