2003-01-26 12:08:02 ET

Now the second and primary coffe table book submission draft thing...Fiver plays Pump it Up--erm, Step it Off

lol just put in arrows and the cart thing from Beethoven Virus...lol, yayee talk amongst yourselves...

2003-01-27 15:25:49 ET

Thats dance dance revolution, isn't it?

It's nice :)

2003-01-27 15:40:47 ET

nope, but thanks for that compliment, this is a not so well known DDR clone known as Pump it Up!, which is probably more of a pain to master than DDR, but just as easy to pick up...as you can see..the stage is slightly different (panels in corners and middle, whereas DDR has them in the sides) I did however do a DDR one but I need to find it lol

A Pump it Up! review I wrote in the summer sometime

2003-01-27 15:41:43 ET

Ah, I'm really good at reading Doi!

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