2003-01-30 10:15:47 ET

what's with the disney sequels all the sudden--i just caught a glimpse of jungle book 2, what the hell?

2003-01-30 10:22:39 ET

damn it. they are going to ruin it all!!

2003-02-09 14:07:30 ET

After Treasure Planet bombed, Disney realized they can make more money by putting their direct-to-video crap in the theatres.

Oh yes. Weep.

2003-02-09 14:14:22 ET

lol, If I see Rescuers in Space, I'ma not be surprised...

2003-02-09 14:38:32 ET

If only I was lying, but I read that in the Wall Street Journal.

Rescuers in Space could have some potential, though.

2003-03-04 16:37:38 ET

ack! French Stewart's doing Inspector Gadget 2...hmm, at least I think that's him...

2003-03-04 18:52:59 ET

Is he playing Inspector Gadget himself?

2003-03-05 18:24:26 ET

I believe, that's what my dad said, Matthew Broderick did the first one......

2003-03-05 18:27:33 ET

IG2 might be worth seeing though, I hear it's gonna be a video only deal though, no Theater...

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