Magical spell is "Ei-ei-poo!!!!!""
2003-02-15 19:03:44 ET

Little Bitch
By The Specials

If you ever hear a noise in the night
your body starts to sweat
It shakes and shivers in fright
You go and sleep with your
Mother, she hates your guts
She knows that you love her
so she holds you tight
all through the night
until the broad day light
But when she doesn't come home
you have to sleep alone
Then you wet your bed
and I think that's sad
for a girl of nineteen
It's more than sad
it's obscene!

One, two!

And you think it's 'bout time that you died
And I agree
so you decide on suicide
You tried but you never quite carried it out
You only wanted to die in order to show off
And if you think it's gonna bleed all over me
you're even wronger than you'd normally be
And the only things you wanna see are kitsch
The only thing you wanna be is rich
Your little pink up-pointed nose begins to twitch
I know you know you're just a little bitch!

One, two...
The Specials: Little Bitch (Dancemania)
T.A.T.U.: All the Things She Said (from MP3)
T.A.T.U.: Not Gonna Get Us (from MP3)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (PS2)
Fighter Maker 2 (PS2)
Dance Dance Revolution (PSX)
Godzilla: Destroy All Mosters Melee (Gamecube)
Super Monkey Ball 2 (Gamecube)
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (Arcade)

2003-02-15 19:08:04 ET

Dude, you gotta get yoself some Guilty Gear X2 action!

2003-02-15 19:10:54 ET

Theres a Fighter Maker 2?! I bought the frist. I got frustrated and never played it again.

2003-02-15 19:11:16 ET

Yeah, it's one of those "hard to find" games

2003-02-15 19:21:36 ET

what? we found it rather's FM1 I had to call in a couple times for, which I passed on actually (lol) 2 is said to be a lot less tedious...If you can rent it (not likey) or find it cheap I say go for it, and about being clueless about it, I believe you, I prolly would have NEVER heard about Fighter Maker if I wasn't reading PSM...heh

hehee Baiken is weirded

2003-02-16 02:30:26 ET

But she shows a lot of leg ;-)

2003-02-20 13:32:24 ET

little bitch is such a rawkin song.

2003-02-21 17:45:25 ET

lol the PF-BITCH stage kicks so much ass!!!

2003-02-21 19:10:19 ET

i havent been able to hear them on stage. but then again i have never been to a concert.

2003-02-27 19:00:55 ET

no i mean in DDR 2nd theres a stage with this song, and if you keep the decide button held down you can get a secret version where it's all crazy like...

2003-02-28 08:37:30 ET


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