2003-03-22 17:48:51 ET

Yayee, today was random stupid nonsense day, me and Paul went to the mall to play DDR, and play on Xbox live kiosks, and eat sushi....well, I ate sushi, whereas we ate Wasabe like idiots who dont give a damn, heh, spencers has a lot of good stuff, I was impressed, lol I bought me a spiked collar from default fashion poseur valley (no tailor experience, no thrift shops, Tot Hopic'll have to do; bite me)...lol my moms wants me to get rid of it, buahahaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Someone come and have a nonsense day with me, ploooooooooooooo!!!
Random Sylvia Plath works

Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (Arcade)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (XBOX live)

Lacuna Coil: Swamped
Used: Box Full of Sharp Objects
Distillers: City of Angels
Chumbawamba: Tubthumping Ultimix
Siouxie and the Banshees: Hong Kong Gardens/The Killing Jar
The quizzes dun-dun-duuuuuuuuuun
To link it (the actual code):

Take that in any form you'd like. You could be a DJ, you could paint, you could write, you could even code. Still, you hold whatever you do as Art. You are passionate, and you can also try too hard.

What kind of goth are you?

Created by ptocheia

2003-03-22 18:01:08 ET

I wish I could go to the arcade, but alas, our mall got rid of it.

2003-03-22 18:28:50 ET

lol, when the skate park came in, quite a few of our games went south, lol I liked the motocross game where you could shoot at opponents, ploo, but there was a lot of things that went south as it used to be a Time Out location, dont matter sooooo much as I'm mostly playing DDR...all Moorestown needs now is a small amusment park, a year round fair if you may, that's the only thing that I can think of that they havent done...heheh

2003-03-22 19:19:05 ET

ha ha ha, lucky :)

Arcades are slowly disappearing. The only good one in town here is at Putt Putt golf and games.

2003-03-26 09:39:21 ET

"Being African-American, I'm constantly ridiculed and made the ultimate fun of by other African-Americans because:
1) My voice is very, very caucasian sounding;
2) I mean it!! There is no trace of black dialect in it
3) I center my taste in music around punk rock and industrial music
4) I utterly detest B.E.T. ('cept fer ComicView) and I seldom ever listen to rap at all
5) NEW!!! my vocabulary is apparently too much for them. "

true that. i'm only half though. the other half is philippino. it's times like these when you turn on Bad Brains and mosh your cares away.

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