2004-01-06 16:16:49 ET

blerg. *gurggles* i've been vommiting. well just once today. i was quite productive. got my dresser sanded and painted. i just need to paint a few more drawers and i'll be done. :D

read a few more chapters of choke. i'm looking forward to getting another book. :D this is a junk post. i don't really have anything to talk about. i'm gonna watch some tv. :D
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2004-01-04 19:27:35 ET

i've been out clubbing for three nights in a row.

i am ginny's incredibly sore right quad.

thursday night i nearly died and in a brief moment of thinking saving myself would be better than falling on my ass i tried not to fall. instead totally pulling my quad muscle. i decided to keep dancing on it. RE: BAD IDEA.

i got my lipped pierced by the way. just thought i would toss that in. i'll post pictures of it soon. friday after the piercing extravaganza i ended up going to the new bunker which is very very jawsome. had a fabu time dancing with niyma and i got to prance around siobhan for a bit. <3 to my women.

saturday brian and headed to dungeon. i had a decent time. got to hang out with melissa and talk about missing smash. :/ homegirl needs to get her ass back to LA. got my dance on some more. which on sunday morning made me completely regret all of that. but it was so fun. and thank god cause i was beginning to get really angry with that whole scene. considering i've abandoned nearly all hope in it and the people that make it up. - a select few.

inthia, brian, and i went to the burbank to watch peterpan. which was decent. most of the arbituary stuff in the theater was far more entertaining. like the tiny baby human velisoraptor of a child. wa hoo. it was making all sorts of funny noises.

2004-01-02 10:23:36 ET

new years was nice. it ended up being really small and super fun.

last night i went to the "new" perversion. it was kinda the suck. but i won't give up on it. tonight i will be at bunker to get my official dance on. last night i almost killed myself. god damn uneven floor. saw the SD crowd. :D i saw jay for the first time in forever.

eeheh. and the robot sexy booty retard that is all up on jay. eheheheh.

i got to dance silly for a bit and attempted to do some serious dancing but my right thigh wasn't having any of it. :/

tonight i be OWNING the dance floor.

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