2003-12-31 09:00:43 ET

if you or your friends don't have anywhere to go tonight. or anything to do. i'm having a get together/sleep over. were gonna be watching the alien films, snacking, smoozing, and boozing.

give me a call - 818-352-4680

if you wanna bunk it. bring blankets + pillow.

we've got green enchiladas being made and pancakes for breakfast.

10170 woodward ave.
sunland ca 91040

2003-12-21 09:14:54 ET

sharky is ok. he was just having a bit of a lose battery wire. thank god. i want to get a book on book binding today. so i'm thinking of attacking the swains. also i want to learn to knit. i'm thinking that this needs to happen right now. i should have bought that knitting kit last night. damn it.

inthia and i ran around thee LA yesturday. started the day off with lunch at toi. then over to wacko to see the art exhibit. after that we hit up burbank. we were suppose to get together with marie and da-vid. but they cancelled out on us. :/ so inthia and i headed back to my place to watch some old school and get some tamale action on. the tamales were terrible and made my tummy want to scream. on the plus side i ate some chocolate.

and today i think i'm gonna bug someone to hang out with me.

anyone up to it?
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2003-12-19 15:35:27 ET

this week has been nuts. the worse day ever ocurred when i had to get to work. some lady in a huge thing that resembles an escalade comes troling through the mall parking structure way to fast. she comes around a corner and there i am in sharky. i have two options a. head on collision b. attempt to get out of her way. i opt for b and as a result of being a good person put a dent in my door. immediately following that i realized i should have crashed into her and sued her for everything she owned. ow. my neck. you know. it could have gotten me a nice little hybrid. :/ oh well. work was shitty. the new manager started kinda hitleresque and then the polar ice cap that surround her being got broken down and she seemed pretty decent. thus far everyone despises her and i seem to be the only person with a positive outlook towards it. too bad considering i'll be leaving in january anyways. so as for the rest of the day. it involved nearly gettig puked on in the bathroom. then having to prance around in three inches of everyone's food waste from the second floor which they thought would be necessary to dump just outside the trash container. panda + carls jr + sbarro pizza = BAD FUCKIN TIMES. after nearly falling into it, i saved myself and has some fall onto me. :/ better than laying in it. kinda.

the mall doors are locked because we left at about 12:45 viva OT. anyhow. so we ride the gross frieght elevator down and then i decide to take the mall elevator to my parking level. katie had her boyfriend waiting. she offered to give me a ride up but i insisted the elevator would be fine. she takes off the elevator shows up. it opens i walk in. hit my floor and notice the giant pile of puke i'm standing in. instantly the i'm not amused face takes hold and i hold my breathe. finally the sixth floor and i'm clear from all crap. i get to my car. which was waiting for me. thank god.

insert a bunch of stuff.

today. i'm suppose to take brian to the airport he has a flight at 5:05. he get's home get's his stuff ready and we head out. its about 3:30. get everything loaded and ready to go. try to start my car. and cue the nothing. nothing happens not even a glimpse of battery life to power lights or the clock of doom. so. we jump it. and nothing. although after attempting three times my lights flash and that was it. brian calls his friend from work who picks him up. so that was that. i'm currently stranded waiting for my daddy to get here so we can figure something out.

the plus side from this week:

i got to see brian. i am getting a radio from a friend at work. i had two corndogs. inthia and i had much giggling at work and on the ride home. finals are OVER! i did alot better than i expected. x-mas is soon. i got to sleep in.

i love my rats and my ferret of doom.

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