magic! tigers! lights!
2003-07-15 17:08:28 ET

i'm back from vegas. i had thee best time ever. the car ride was deinitely the best part, by far. mainly because our various mixed cd's were awesome. and marie can jump from willy nelson to neil diamond to new kids on the block all on one cd.

we spent most of the time walking around. which is the reason i am now limping around. i fucked up my right foot somehow. *shakes fist*

i've laughed soooooooo much i've probably lost a few inches. inthia and i mostly just wondered around taking pictures. but somehow i think a roll of my film will be dead. it was blood oozing hot. the first day it was 120, the scond day it cooled down to 110, and today it was reportedly like 125 in bakersfield. pools in vegas are retarted, they close really freakin early. when its 100 at eleven. you really want to swim.

hands down funniest thing: VITE TIEGAH!! (siegfried and roy forever.)

inthia was my wondering partner since she wasn't gambling and i wouldn't be left alone. :) vite tiegah jokes were endless. note: las vegas is filled to the brim with hideious people. but a smart tongue always slices through random shoutings of "freak".

i got a siegfried and roy shirt, a bathing suit from TI with skulls on it, and a pink poodle purse. i scored.


vegas music
2003-07-12 11:51:20 ET

HA !!!!!!!! i have made thee best mixed cd for vegas.

intro: johnny depp as hunter s. thompson 15 highway.
dead kennedies: Viva las vegas
nancy sinatra: these boots are made for walking
devinyls: i touch myself
dee lite: groove is in the heart
right said fred: i'm too sexy
haddaway: what is love?
garbage: i just wanna have something to do
mount sims: how we do
b-52's: hero worship
ace of base: the sign
breeders: cannon ball
female of the species
tracy bonham: mother mother
hot hot heat: talk to me, dance with me
b-52's 6060-842
veruca salt: seether
robbie williams: millenium
future bible heroes: she devils of the deep
le tigre: well well well
spice girls: who do you think you are
reprise elvis presley: viva las vegas

2003-07-12 08:26:23 ET

15 Years Ago, I:
1. i was four years old.
2. only had one sister.
3. lived in the hills of silver lake.
4. rocked pre-school like no ones business.
5. stole some cassette tapes form my parents; stray cats, b-52's, cyndi lauper (who's music/fashion is the biggest influence on my entire life).

10 Years Ago, I:
1. i moved to sunland.
2. met the evil of what is kid's who grow up in the S/T. (only few have proved my theory wrong)
3. spent a complete summer with having no friends cause we moved the the begining of june. (being the new kid with 2 weeks left of school is TEH SUCK)
4. started fifth grade and my new found hate for boys who said, "but your a girl".
5. started my life ambition to prove everyone wrong.

5 Years Ago, I:
1. i started verdugo hills highschool.
2. was ditched my best friend.
3. learned that highschool was just like "my so called life". (all of my friends at the time played there parts)
4. started a three year crush on ken mulligan.
5. met the first tinkerbell fanatic of a long chain of tinkerbell fanatics that are my friends. (if your obsessed with tinkerbell. hands down. your good people.)

3 Years Ago, I:
1. started dating lucas, my second boyfriend.
2. saw radiohead in concert.
3. hated going to verdugo and everything in it.
4. made good friends with tony, my punk rawk <3.
5. fancied the idea of graduating early.

1 Year Ago, I:
1. started the cycle of attempting to find a new boy. took an entire year of insanity for the right one to just pop up at my birthday.
2. started clubbing religiously.
3. turned 18!.
4. met a good deal of my friends.
5. started college and my love for photography and my second installment of a tinkerbell crazed friend.

Yesterday, I:
1. ate sushi!!!!!
2. kissed brian goodbye..
3. looked for a job.
4. bought bugspray & facial bleach.
5. played with my animals.

Today, I:
1. woke up to no more bleeding and in it's place a possible UTI.
2. filled out a questionaire.
3. wil do laundry.
4. will pack for vegas.
5. will play with my ferret.

Tomorrow, I:
1. will be driving to vegas with inthia, marie, and david.
2. will be angry at 118 degree weather.
3. will be happy to be out of the house.
4. will play metroid and get past freaking samus-X in the TRO section.
5. will call brian to bug him.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1. fried tofu.
2. crystalized ginger.
3. drumsticks.
4. panda black licorice.
5. macaroons.

5 Games I Like:
1. "GYRUSS."
2. "Unreal tournament 2003"
3. "GTA- Vice City"
4. "Poke The Mooseyhead"
5. "The Game of Life"

5 Things I'd Buy With $1000:
1. a digital camera.
2. new gripfast's- gimme buckles.
3. mini spree @ mac.
4. alleycat metalware rutsack.
5. fancy photo supplies.

Top 5 Bands Lately:
1. fischer spooner
2. gravy train (<3 xavier)
3. goldfrapp
4. bis
5. whatever it takes

3 Bad Habits I Have
1. biting my nails
2. uncontrollable urge to scratch my skin
3. never cleaning my room.

3 Interests at the moment:
1. black light photography
2. ferrets
3. Las Vegas!

3 TV Shows I Like:
1. invader zim
2. kids in the hall
3. six feet under

4 Places I've Lived:
1. new york
2. eagle rock
3. sunland
4. silver lake

My Top 3 Biggest Worries at the Moment:
1. finding a non-soul draining job.
2. getting my license.
3. cleaning my room.

My Top 5 Biggest Joys at the Moment:
1. brian.
2. inthia.
3. berrylium stitch Mcferret III.
4. my no mess no tangle fake hair.
5. Las vegas!!

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