2003-07-09 17:33:31 ET

drumsticks rock. i <3 icecream.

2003-07-09 15:13:09 ET

i've gotten roughly four hours of sleep. i showered. busted out the mint soap and i feel sooooooo much better.

i now own a really fucking swanky coat. the nice part is i might get to use it in three weeks. i can only pray it will be freezing in monterey/berkley. i'm going to be quite the traveling monkey this month it appears. in just a few days vegas. and in three weeks northern CA for a weekend. i've got a really swanky party to attend and i need a fun dress. i look like a lepar, due to the bug fiesta that was held on my body. i wouldn't be suprised if i had malaria or something lovely like that.


2003-07-09 04:08:04 ET

i can't sleep. i don't know what it is. i returned home.

i hate not being able to sleep especially when i've had the four best nights of sleep ever.

there are a million things i want to say. but i feel like only two people deserve to hear it. granted half of you don't know the real situation. so i'll stear away.

i watched a film. and was bombared by four spiders and two junebugs. i am not a happy camper. considering every bug that can somewhat puncture my skin are currently after me.

gah. the internet can be a really boring thing when you've got absolutely zero to do.



only smart people know i can't whistle. if you knew that +20 bonus points.

i stayed up longer than rod. i'm impressed.

there is a really loud cricket in the house.

i've spent most of my day on the internet and playing metroid prime. brian and i went to smash's b-day diner thing. which was soo much fun. while at home i black out for a second. long enough for me to go from standing to collapsing mid fall forward, my knees buckled and went face first into my blankets. that was followed by being really dizzy.

soooooo. you come here often?

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