2003-06-27 11:52:08 ET

all ready and waiting.

2003-06-27 09:48:37 ET

so marylin manson's cover of the romones song, "kkk took my baby away" is really good. i think you all should download it. its soooo tragic and i think it works very well.

anyhow. i have a very very long trek infront of me today. heading to orange county in the midst of rush hour. *prances* meh. so hopefully we'll get there in under three hours. but then who knows. i picked out a dress to wear. but i don't want to wear it anymore. blah. i wish i had a snazzy skirt. and a possibly not so hobo looking shirt. i'm gonna look in fashion mountain for something not soo dressy. but at least if i can't find anything i'll still have something to fall back on.

but what i really enjoy is how my dress for the wedding is soo fucking low cut. and how my chest decided to explode. the thing hasn't seen daylight in years and the one time its gonna be shown in public it decides to make itself really really noticible and ugly.

did i mention the bra i bought totally gives me cleavage and it freaks me out? no. well. i have psuedo booobies. and i don't like it. but the dress is made for a girl with boobies and i have to fill it in or else there is this sad obvious excess of fabric in the *motions* chest area.

i'm psuedo excited about the car ride now. bonding time for me and eva and the fun part is we can listen to hipster music and pretend were cool.

2003-06-25 20:31:24 ET

i almost snorted a bug up my nose right now.

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