WTF mate.
2004-01-23 07:17:11 ET

my face has appeared to have gone that way of the moon and break out. and i ask. WTF face? W-T-F? eh. i'll get over it. its just that everymorning i wake up and it looks like i rolled my face in vaseline. :/

i've been cleaning. and cleaning. and cleaning. ... and cleaning. i really want to move my dresser into my room. at the same time i really don't even want to have to look at art corner. cause there is stuff there that needs to get thrown away. :/

i started knitting a nice black scarf which is coming out rather well. suprisingly enough. i haven't dropped any stitches. and the garter stitch i'm doing looks super cute. the next plan of attack is to knit a kitty hat and then some lime green legwarmers. that is if i ever find some lime green yarn. i need at least 4 skiens of that. and dammit. i've been to like one million places looking for that sheeit. i know neon yarn exists.

slept around one billion hours last night and thank god.

i should get to the cleaning of doom. but first a shower.

2004-01-23 08:10:55 ET

they have lime green yarn at the joannes next to my house!

2004-01-23 11:47:32 ET

You should knit me some boots. Id sport those shits.

2004-01-23 12:24:44 ET

joannes has this yarn you craaaave. at least ive seen it there in the past.

2004-01-23 16:48:47 ET

My face erupted a mountain on the side of my forehead. I think it's due to erupt cause it hurts like a mofo. oooog!

2004-01-24 01:14:43 ET

pfft... i always roll my face in vaseline.

2004-01-25 13:44:18 ET

that's cause your greasey, furax. :P

rust: i've been looking and they haven't had it. bastards.

robot: i might have to attack your area soon. :D

battery: you've been warned. once i figure out knitting in the roing you'll get your boots,

2004-01-25 17:03:45 ET

Id wear those around my office like a CHESTER.

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