*three five four*
2004-02-07 01:31:20 ET

the show was cancelled due to illness. so then we were gonna go to bunker. but after getting to brian's having a horrible parking experience i was so pissed, i didn't want to do anything. so instead he ate dinner then we went and cuddled for a bit. so at eleven i'm like let's go to bed early tonight for a nice start on tomarrow. i can't remember ever getting up pre-ten o'clock here. cut to me not falling asleep till post mid-night and then waking up at two. so i've gotten no sleep.

i decided some SK and LJ checking was in store. which i was hoping would make me tired. but it hasn't and now i'm hungry. brian's sleeping in an uncuddle-able position too. so i can't get close to him to absorb his body heat. its like laying on an unorganized pile of logs, or at least trying to cuddle up to it. :/

2004-02-07 01:48:06 ET

i take a few shots of medicine (whiskey) to go to sleep sometimes...

2004-02-07 16:49:49 ET

i ended up taking a benydril which didn't make me sleepy, but did all of today make me completely out of it.

2004-02-07 16:55:49 ET

um... whee?!

2004-02-07 17:02:59 ET

usually benydril knocks me out. pretty instantly. and it didnt do anything it was suppose to. didn't help my allergies either. >:|

2004-02-07 21:59:34 ET

well, that just blows! nyquil maybe?

2004-02-09 08:12:13 ET

i'm at my boy's house and he doesn't take medicine. :/ i should get a little trial thing of nyquil and hide it here. :D

2004-02-09 19:44:28 ET

drug stash! oooh! ;-P

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