*bow chica*
2004-03-04 18:14:23 ET

i got the cutest undies today!!!!!! *prances* boy cut panties for everyone!!

oh, and i'm about to slit my wrists over my hair. :/ stupid hair. it needs to just be cool now. and enough with this squiggly fuzzy stuff.

i got my eyebrows waxed. they be super fine.

2004-03-04 18:28:10 ET

rawkin for the good.

hope ya get hair fixxed up again, you rawk my sawks w. ya hair

2004-03-04 20:12:33 ET

i LOVE the boy-short undies so so so much!

2004-03-04 21:48:28 ET

i like boy cut undies too.... hehe

2004-03-04 22:26:08 ET

boy cut undies... oh dear lord...if they're camoflage i'd die

2004-03-05 03:56:03 ET

<3 boy cut panties on hot girls.

2004-03-05 13:24:56 ET

viva victoria secrets... i got green with white polka dot the other day.

2004-03-05 15:56:09 ET

pssh. i prefer not to spend an arm and a leg on panites. maybe if i had a job. 6.99 for three pairs!! woop. viva hanes.

2004-03-06 07:18:58 ET

lol, don't hate.

2004-03-06 11:31:02 ET

My hair is driving me crazy. I am at a loss as to what to do with it now....HELP!!

2004-03-07 14:51:20 ET

I love those f*ing boy cut panties, they dont ride your snatch like thongs do

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