2004-03-16 07:28:34 ET

been feeling super down lately. yesturday really instigated everything i have been feeling into one nice little angry pile.

i went to the linkin park show last night. it was pretty interesting caught the last half of pod, which was bleh. but linkin park put on a good show. and they were super humble with their fans. they would thank everyone for being there at the end of each song. it was pretty neat.

not going to two of my classes today. i feel like poop. i'm just going to sit and vegitate.

2004-03-16 07:30:00 ET

Just don't turn into bologna!! O_O

2004-03-16 08:03:39 ET

*hugs* hope your feelin' better!!! i missed linkin park and pod at the concert here in houston suckfest!!! use this time of feelin' down to create art. surprise yourself. <3 saNdy

2004-03-16 11:45:55 ET

linkin park played last night??

fah..the things i miss!

and hmm i hope you're feeling better soon <hugs>

2004-03-16 12:26:07 ET

a day off can always be good.

2004-03-16 13:31:34 ET

I totally ditched a class today!! word.

sometimes we just need to stay home ;> hope you feel better

2004-03-16 14:51:18 ET

heh, my brother went to one of those shows and said POD was the worst.

2004-03-16 16:00:24 ET

thanks everyone. today was kinda what i needed. a semi-day off. hopefully i can just get my funk to be non funky.

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