2004-05-09 20:29:49 ET

when it rains it pours. if you know my sister, please give some love and prayers to her direction. she had an accident today. she's ok and in one piece plus giant gash.

also please give some prayers to my friend who has been battling cervical cancer.

what a crazy weekend.


2004-05-09 20:31:20 ET

i hope your sis is okay!!!

and i also hope your friend with cervical cancer is doing okay. has she started her treatment or anything at all?!?! i have a friend that has brain cancer...she'll be okay! she'll be strong!!!

<333 sandy

2004-05-09 21:13:39 ET

!? of corse darlin...which sister?

2004-05-10 07:17:13 ET


2004-05-10 11:04:13 ET

ohhmy! wish you guys luck <3

2004-05-10 11:04:17 ET

give her big hugs for me. give a few to you also.

2004-05-10 12:30:40 ET

i hope everything turns out alright. im sure it will. <3

2004-05-10 12:44:46 ET

wishing them both speedy healing.

2004-05-10 12:52:52 ET

geez...big hugs to Carina...and wow, I hope your friend is fightin' hard.

2004-05-10 16:09:19 ET

will do

2004-05-10 19:56:00 ET

OMG!! I hope Carina is doing better. Give her lots of love for me.

Sorry to hear about your friend too. Crazy mofo weekend indeeeed. Poor Ginny.

2004-05-10 20:25:29 ET

yeah. it's been tough.

2004-05-10 20:37:27 ET

lots of prayers going your way.... xoxo

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