2004-07-10 06:37:25 ET

last night was nice. i got to spent time with smash and melissa. we talked ate ass loads of junk food. and then later watched tank girl.

it was really nice to get to hang out with them. i've really missed both of them.

and today i get to see them again. smash is having a birthday bon fire, which is gonna be nice.

2004-07-10 07:38:32 ET

its all about the missile bra

2004-07-10 08:27:55 ET


2004-07-10 08:29:27 ET

I had fun. =)

2004-07-10 08:42:55 ET

wooo, fire.

2004-07-10 09:03:18 ET

nicole, <3^2

smash, so did i. :D

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