2003-02-12 09:22:50 ET

i kept hearing that los angeles is a desert. and its true. people need to realize this. there is a reason why it doesn't rain, and why it can get pretty hot. this entire area was a desert.

and when it rains, we get desert rain. where it comes pouring, and leaves.

11:10 a.m. sunland, ca

mind you i woke carina up to do this. she thinks i'm crazy. so do all the kids in the two class rooms across the street. a couple of them were pointing at me. while i was standing out there, in the rain barefoot. my dog speck licked my feet when i came inside. it was really gross.

rain rain rain, we like rain, splash splash splash.

2003-02-12 09:33:18 ET

i love that picture.

2003-02-12 11:49:57 ET

To quote Milhouse, "How these flood-pants really work. My feet are soaked but my cuffs are dry!" hehe

And this rain isn't that bad *waits for El Nino to make his return8

2003-02-12 12:01:32 ET

wooohooooooo.. looks like fun

2003-02-12 13:58:16 ET

to quote me talking to ginny earlier---"shit. my room is flooding."

2003-02-12 17:04:08 ET

...and I have duct tape on my car windows, but am I whining? Well... not currently. hehe

2003-02-12 23:34:18 ET

ooh! that looks fun :-)

2003-02-13 07:28:47 ET

"I dream of rain, LA, LA..." oh, sorry, just mangling Sting.

2003-02-13 16:03:32 ET


ginny, i want you to be my crazy grandma that does inappropriate things. like wade around barefoot in rain water

2003-02-13 16:05:53 ET

anyday sweetheart.

2003-02-14 07:28:06 ET

I'm gonna be the old guy who wears silver pants and shoots rock salt at the young whippersnappers.

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