2003-04-04 16:21:42 ET

it doens't get any better than this. and i am the guessing master. maybe just more of a psychic. or maybe i can read people just like a book. so yes. i know. i can see all.

yesturday nicole, inthia and i hung out. we watch frida, most of encino man, and then we were gonna watch "the best little whore house in texas" but nicole abrutly decided to get up and leave. so inthia went away too. i continued making dreds, and now have a huge pile of them. i photographed some more.

today, i went to class, made total shit. everything i did was complete crap. inthia and i hung out, talked. it's nice cause some times you just need to rant. xoxoxox inthia. then i came home. *sings godzilla song* bummmm. bumm. bumm. bummmmm. bum. bum. bummm... (it is soo stuck in your head) inside jokes rock. made some more dreds, and took more pictures in my shower. this time the photos actually included myself. i put on a shit load of make up smeared it, tossed on some ggogles, and a gas mask. voila, instant war whore.

i ordered a really rad camera on the ebay. i can't wait till it gets here.

*prances and sings godzilla*

2003-04-04 20:37:50 ET

we watched two movies in a row and hung out a bunch, i didnt think i was being abrupt. im sorry if i was though.

2003-04-05 02:32:38 ET

1. i <3 godzilla

2. "war whore" that line ^_^

2003-04-05 09:34:54 ET

furax: you so rock. believe, after staring at my face, that was the only conceivable line that could perfectly describe how i look.

2003-04-05 11:43:33 ET

i rock?! made me feel special ;-D

2003-04-05 12:27:36 ET

::stomps around knocking stuff over::



2003-04-06 12:18:28 ET

*sings godzilla theme song for you*

2003-04-06 19:29:32 ET

bummm bumm bumm bummmm bumm bumm bummm. woo. or if you like i can run around and scream like alittle old japanese woman. i'd do anything for you. but i won't do that. </moose>

2003-04-06 19:29:50 ET

*shoots lazers out from eyes*

2003-04-08 06:51:08 ET

::shoots fire out of mouth and some steam::

::swatt swatt::

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