pink i s thing
2003-04-23 14:44:54 ET

i printed some 16 x 20 images. which looks amazing. *drools* i really want some 16 x 20 paper. i need to scan the stuff in. very badly. cause i know you "people" would like them.

i also got my slides back. *prances* i can't wait print. i need to print.

i had a nice weekend. went to the getty. please, if you are in southern CA go to the getty. the bill viola show is amazing. i wish i could only have that much talent. one day. brian and had a really nice day. its just really nice to have someone who makes me wanna burst. and not in that "i don't feel to well" way.

i have new hair. which is pink and explodey.

which can be viewed here.

joe, inthia, and i hung out. watched "the ring", which was really good. i'm happy it ended the way it did. cause for a second i thought it was gonna be way too fairy tale ish. but inthia was correct sooo like "this is what i learned in art school. tammy did the make up." sandwiches and much laughter exhumed.


so full of love and candy.

2003-04-23 14:52:01 ET

huge faboo hair! you'll look like a diva at convergence! I'm so jealous, my hair is uber bleh

2003-04-23 14:59:58 ET

i'm jealous as well.

2003-04-23 15:16:30 ET

the hair is crazy. it tells me to do these things.

2003-04-23 15:19:58 ET

how very pretty ^_^

2003-04-23 16:14:10 ET

colorful, you are, yes.

2003-04-23 16:26:24 ET

gotta be able in a sea of black at the club

2003-04-23 16:34:11 ET

your hair looks great!! especially in person.

2003-04-23 16:47:08 ET

thank you! the sunlight makes it uber prety

2003-04-23 17:39:10 ET

it consumes me.

you gave me faith in itty bitty dreads.

2003-04-23 18:03:20 ET

i want big fluffy dreds.

2003-04-24 08:53:00 ET

h41r c0re!!!


2003-04-28 16:01:20 ET

pink and greeeeeeen are so purdy togetherrrrr! *sings*

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