2003-06-18 20:08:20 ET

i need passion in my life.

2003-06-18 20:11:10 ET

ginny, i was JUST thinking about this, while i was taking a piss no less.

i was even contemplating updating my sk with something similar.

there seems to be an epidemic.

2003-06-18 20:14:18 ET

the epidemic has hit me as well

2003-06-18 20:29:35 ET

at least i know i'm not alone.

2003-06-18 20:33:10 ET

passion for what? ...or from what? (o_O)

2003-06-18 20:46:45 ET

passion in general

2003-06-18 21:02:38 ET

more of passion in general. but not excluding passion for life, for people, from people, for living, for an art form, and having passion to do something...

2003-06-18 23:00:26 ET


2003-06-19 05:40:15 ET

yes... passion... i could use somthing like that... i'd be less bored.

2003-06-19 05:46:11 ET


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