2003-06-18 22:14:48 ET

the three most important questions of life

1.is God afraid of dogs?
2.has god seen the dinosaurs?
3.does god have maid?

2003-06-18 23:07:03 ET


2003-06-19 05:41:01 ET

PROBABLY... whats amid?

2003-06-19 09:11:10 ET

hehe, i saw that too.

and I'm pretty sure god DOES have a maid. Of some sort. Maybe a robot like in the Jetsons.

2003-06-19 09:13:57 ET

like rosey. lol she was the best.

2003-06-19 09:49:03 ET

I loved her boston accent"Mista Jay"

2003-06-19 09:51:39 ET

yeah, its kinda weird that out of all the accents to give a robot... they decided with that.

2003-06-19 10:11:40 ET

even stranger to give the dog a lisp

2003-06-19 11:01:48 ET

my dog has a lisp....?

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