2003-06-24 18:40:17 ET

my new hair.

2003-06-24 18:41:52 ET

you have the coolest hair, ever

2003-06-24 18:46:24 ET

didju backcomb the neon green and neon yellow together?! thats FIENDISH.

2003-06-24 18:46:57 ET


2003-06-24 18:48:46 ET

hair fiends gonna eat u

2003-06-24 18:49:48 ET

uhm... looks like IM FUCKING SCREWED

2003-06-24 18:54:36 ET

horribly AWESOME. what a supernatural hair color. o_o

i so just added you on my LJ friends list too

2003-06-24 19:08:42 ET

dude saaaaaaaaame

2003-06-24 22:58:47 ET

very nice

2003-06-25 05:06:34 ET

swanky yo... and so tiny

2003-06-25 09:44:57 ET

totally beyond the normal range of color, awesome to the max

2003-06-25 20:35:27 ET

I'm so jealous!!! It's super rad cool.

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