2004-04-20 20:43:14 ET

StEeVoRoCkEr (10:31:28 PM): i dont wanna go to school i was gonna see if you could pick me up and we could hang out DAMN YOU AND YOUR JOB
bettieworshiper (10:31:38 PM): haha
bettieworshiper (10:31:50 PM): next weekend i am down there i will kidnap you
bettieworshiper (10:31:54 PM): how about that?
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:31:58 PM): cant
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:32:28 PM): parents are home and i gotta go over to this one chicks house to work on a project i can only hang out during school
bettieworshiper (10:32:47 PM): so i will kidnap you from school
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:32:56 PM): ya when?
bettieworshiper (10:33:28 PM): I have no idea when i am there again
bettieworshiper (10:33:42 PM): this last weekend was the last time for a while...but I promise
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:33:59 PM): ok lemme know cuz ill do anything to get out of school
bettieworshiper (10:34:03 PM): haha
bettieworshiper (10:34:05 PM): no prob
bettieworshiper (10:34:07 PM): I will
bettieworshiper (10:34:15 PM): we'll do something really cool
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:34:21 PM): man i get stay home any more when i dont wanna go cuz my dad is home all day from now on
bettieworshiper (10:34:27 PM): and write something on the sand dune
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:34:31 PM): cool
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:34:39 PM): AND DO IT !?!?!?!
bettieworshiper (10:35:07 PM): steven, i love you, I am not sure why i love you but i do(very sarcastic)
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:35:24 PM): let me translate what you just said
bettieworshiper (10:35:32 PM): okay have at it
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:36:12 PM): Steven, i want your wiener, next time i see you we are going to have hot kinky sex for 6 hrs straight complete with food and bondage (totally serious)
bettieworshiper (10:37:11 PM): wow, i hope you know this conversation is going on the internet
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:37:26 PM): no its not
bettieworshiper (10:37:52 PM): okay okay
bettieworshiper (10:38:08 PM): what if it's not lj and no one you know reads it?
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:38:24 PM): what will it be on?
bettieworshiper (10:38:32 PM): subkultures....
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:38:44 PM): sure what the hell go for it
bettieworshiper (10:38:54 PM): nice
StEeVoRoCkEr (10:39:01 PM): you wanna post it BECAUSE ITS TRUE!!!!!!

I don't usually post convo's, but this was just so fucking funny.... he does this everytime we talk... I think it's hilarious...and mostly b/c I hope he's joking

update: StEeVoRoCkEr (10:47:06 PM): im not a whale penis IM A SEXY BEAST

hardcore rocks my face...
2004-04-19 10:42:05 ET

I saw the following last night
black dahlia murder
as i lay dying
every time i die

at the Pound in S.F.

and...fuck was it awesome, I seriously need to start going to more hardcore shows...
then on the way to -----'s house from dropping off the last hardcore kid I took to the show, I needed directions to the road to get to his house. I ask the clerk at 7-11 he answers and then he turns to his friend and asks him something in spanish. the friend then gives me directions and I thank him. I start to walk away
"do you have a boyfriend?"
"what?" I reply, a little baffled(it's 3 o'clock in the morning and my hearing is fucked)
"Cuuz, your fucking beautiful"
"thanks" then I walk out and drive away laughing
it was just a good night...almost ended in disaster as parent rose too early at -----'s


I am beginning to think that I have serious sleeping problems...this week I think I slept less than 24 hours

quick update
2004-04-16 11:52:20 ET

so we (terrence and I) went and tried to sneak in, we were not successfull,
although, we had a damn good time cruising 'n' stuuuuuff
I was a bad vegan last week...sshilSBSAKUYKFD...
there will be more soon
so how are you guys?

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