2003-09-07 11:42:02 ET

I am now a member of this fine institution, which is awesome. Things are slowing down for me. I had a great crazy summer and now I am in school. Man, school is....nice I guess. I don't hate it like the average disturbed teen. Screw that. the only reason I ever hated school was due to that lackage of friends. Now it's just a thing I do to take up time. No, I like to learn .I swear I will be in some sort of class for the rest of my fucking life. This is good. But life is definatly not long enough for that. I will never know enough. Okay, I ranted, thank you.
Now to get down to business. Thing are goos. I have and excess supply of ass to pic from at the moment. I need to chill. Boys are not the only thing out there for me. There was this gilr I liked, But I assumed that she was just being herself and super flirty, I might be wrong as I recently dicovered. Took me god damn long enough. Always does. Advice to those who want me. Slap me, kiss me, then say, "HEY! I LIKE YOU!", that is the only way I will get it. so sad.
I miss the Monterey Area. It's weird and abstract but Half Moon Bay reminds me of Monterey on a nano scale. There is a cofee shop where the kids hang out, there is the beach, and tourists, and ice plants, none of those great people though.
All I have out here is lack of distraction, which is good, If you don't like being distracted. Which I do.
Hey, at least I get stuff done, right?

2003-09-07 11:46:18 ET

you are like the cutest thing i have ever seen

welcome to sk

2003-09-07 11:48:26 ET

welcome to sk... <3ly first entree' :-)

2003-09-07 11:54:06 ET

why thank you!

2003-09-07 11:54:09 ET

hey, welcome to sk

you are fuckin beautiful....like, really

2003-09-07 12:00:50 ET

I'm glad to see more pretty girls are joining SK ;)

But hi I'm crystine ncie to meet you :)

2003-09-07 12:14:16 ET

shit... sk has like an over abundance or pretty girls... like all of you are just beautiful... :::wide eyed::: and all very different and freaky in y'alls own way... very attractive :-)

2003-09-07 12:17:41 ET

I know that's why I like SK so much. :D

2003-09-07 12:17:48 ET

I would agree, and that is precisly the reason I joined...all are hot..untangible and tangible.....mmmmm

2003-09-07 12:18:47 ET

i joined it cause of lars... i wouldn't join somewhere cause everyone is hot... i just stating the obvious :-)

2003-09-07 12:19:05 ET

a never ending suply of eye candy

2003-09-07 12:20:18 ET

And hot newbies just keep coming...

2003-09-07 12:21:53 ET

i know, i love it......too bad most of you are too far away for me to see in real life :(

2003-09-07 12:21:55 ET

haha...funny you should mention lars..i just met him like two week ago...him and ben, because rikki is my hump buddy...oh the humping...mmmm...hump...

2003-09-07 12:22:14 ET

i hate i couldn't be a hot newby for y'all... but some of us are born without such qualities... :::tear:::

2003-09-07 12:22:40 ET

welcome to SK. i love your bangs! <3

2003-09-07 12:22:55 ET

Who's Lars?

2003-09-07 12:23:32 ET

welcome to SK, beware of addiction.

2003-09-07 12:23:32 ET

but whatever it is you think you lack in um...tangibility(?) you definatly make up in coolness scalage...

2003-09-07 12:23:35 ET

TurboSkanker :-)

2003-09-07 12:24:50 ET

anti...thank you
arsenic..I am aware..I have an internet addiction as it is...
insub...he's um....hold on

2003-09-07 12:26:05 ET

yes...thats him

2003-09-07 12:26:31 ET

I love your hair. <3

2003-09-07 12:29:40 ET

wow...this is the best ever...I never need another website again....

2003-09-07 12:30:59 ET


i think i've been to half moon bay. is that the coffee shop by the beach where all the surfers change in the parking lot? =D

2003-09-07 12:31:59 ET

bUUUt I think I know what you are talking about that is more el granada...I think...

2003-09-07 12:36:49 ET

ohh ok.

i used to have bettie bangs too. but they bothered me a bit.. you are cute

2003-09-07 12:36:58 ET

be my friend?

2003-09-07 12:59:47 ET


2003-09-07 13:32:37 ET


2003-09-07 13:49:12 ET

welcome to SK!

and im going to join the crowd and say, you are very pretty. :)


2003-09-07 13:52:16 ET

welcome. you are too cute!

2003-09-07 14:00:46 ET

you again? egad!

2003-09-07 14:01:56 ET

p.s. everyone who says you're hot has no idea...hehe.

*slaps you, kisses you, says "hey, i like you!"*

2003-09-07 14:07:10 ET

haha...thank you ben

2003-09-07 14:12:37 ET

it's not like i humped you for no reason at all.

2003-09-07 14:15:18 ET

I figured..haha

2003-09-07 16:12:03 ET

welcome and i really like your bangs

2003-09-07 20:00:15 ET


and as everyone says, another cutie joins the crowd.

2003-09-08 11:43:29 ET


2003-09-08 21:36:11 ET

Shit, son! You finally joined!

2003-09-09 01:07:06 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2004-01-21 00:59:00 ET

BTW: Welcome to SK :-p

2004-01-21 06:18:18 ET

Hahah a little late eh?

2004-01-21 22:43:30 ET

nate, you suck

2004-01-21 22:45:22 ET

*Gasp* Why is that?

2004-01-21 22:47:29 ET

i wonder


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