2003-09-08 17:19:25 ET

today was thoughtlessly uneventful..although I did get a voicemail message on my phone this moring from my guy friend who has no title..which made me sqeal like a a little girl to myself and aloud all morning....I am such a fucking girl it's sick! I used to pride myself in the fact that people assumed I was a lesbian(even though I liked guys more). I was a huuuuge tomboy, my guy friends would flinch when I moved my hand to tuck my hair behind my ear. Those guys still do, and I laugh. But now...I am into makeup, pink colors, skirts, dresses, and looking pretty...how lame is that? what happened to the skate bitch? where did I go?

Well, I am melodramatic, was then and still am now, I have not gone anywhere, I just grew up a little bit, decided that I didn't have to pretend I didn't like those things anymore. whoa do I rant....

today was my subject..haha..I seem to have lost it... I got to hang out with my new friend Alix, she is fun, reminds me of another girl....Cute too, but I beleive she is straight...I am getting those vibes though...but I could just be stupid since I seem to be that way about this kind of thing. She is a little more fun than my childhood friends that I have started hanging out with again since I moved back to my childhood home. They are I dunno....un comfortable, they try really hard to include me, bUt I am not sure they want too, insecurity kicks my ass too much. I do like them, I just wish they talked about something...not that they don't talk, I am just npot sure what it is about. blech..

((mood)) giddy
((moosic)) addicts "jhonny was a soldier"

2003-09-08 17:20:47 ET

skate bitch?

2003-09-08 17:23:37 ET

I skated..it was my self proclaimed title...because I sucked really bad...

2003-09-08 17:25:52 ET

i think your friends truly want to include you. cuz you, i know you. you kick ass. we should get jammed into a backseat together again... yeah.

2003-09-08 17:26:56 ET


2003-09-08 17:27:03 ET

haha...oh ben...it's more complicated than that...but thank you!!

2003-09-08 17:28:32 ET

i can understand about the insecurities. I get like that alot when my friends don't call

2003-09-08 17:30:47 ET

i can get that way... i just tend to not care... i just don't feel like i need specific friends... unless someone goes out of their way to be such

2003-09-08 17:31:35 ET

i'm insanely insecure as well. like, if people say they'll call me back, if they don't call within a half hour, i figure they're blowing me off.
and if i hear laughter, but i'm not in the room or not looking, i assume they're laughing at me.

it's bad. no good at all.

i'd hang out with ya. you're kickass.

2003-09-08 17:31:38 ET

well me neither...and It's not like I don't have friends..i have a plethora...just not here....

2003-09-08 17:32:55 ET

can't we all just get along??

2003-09-08 17:34:13 ET

skirts and dresses are nice

2003-09-08 17:41:39 ET

i sure think so....now

2003-09-08 17:42:33 ET

i actually just don't trust people... so i just chill with them.. and thats about as far as it goes half the time... i have very few friendships... most people are just people to hang out with... when i dont have anything to do... i like 'em and all... i just don't trust 'em

2003-09-08 17:43:53 ET

I tend to enjoy hanging out with my friends but I always for like I am hanging on the outside. And I don't trust people either

2003-09-08 17:46:48 ET

I am not trustworthy, but I have a pretty good sense of people so I catch the bad ones just in time....But I am way too damn social for my own good....

2003-09-08 17:47:44 ET

I just want to boogie oogie oogie till i just can't boogie no more

2003-09-08 17:55:56 ET

haha... i just listen to music take it easy... go to bars... used to chill with a lot of druggies that i need to talk to sometime... its been awhile... miss some people... but no biggy... i get used to goin' in and out of peoples lives haha...

2003-09-08 17:58:14 ET

in and out that's what a hamburgers all about

2003-09-08 17:58:32 ET


2003-09-08 20:24:15 ET


oh the adicts make me giddy.

2003-09-08 20:26:36 ET

me toooooooooo..heh heh

2003-09-08 20:29:56 ET

they've got style
pop-y punk that doesn't suck.
i missed them last time they played around here. but i'm going this time even though tickets are a bajillion dollars.

by the way, i never fucking know when cute girls are straight (or not).

2003-09-08 21:41:31 ET

Well, we make a good pair. You're the tough chick in a skirt and heels, and I'm the tough(er) chick. HA.

Which is why you need to come back! BAH!

2003-09-09 15:23:23 ET

hey, i know you!

and since i missed your first post (not having the internet sux0rz), welcome to sk!

youll find its like crack except arguably healthier.


2003-09-09 15:35:56 ET

yes... much healthier :-)... don't do crack ( Y )

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