water damage
2003-11-08 20:14:06 ET

can rain be wet and not hurt photographs?
if so can someone tell me how?

also: if someone is wearing a sweatshirt from a porn site do/would you assume they were on that porn site?

2003-11-08 20:30:39 ET

i wouldn't assume they were on that porn site... just that they frequent it maybe...

2003-11-08 20:34:05 ET

how true that is

2003-11-08 20:34:48 ET

...so, is this a good porn site? ...you know, for people that might want to look o_O

2003-11-08 20:45:13 ET

yes it is
awesome just awesome
but you prolly know about it

2003-11-09 02:52:07 ET

well......since it's suicidegirls...if it was a very very hot girl wearing this sweatshirt..i'd assume they were on it..but i'd just think it's really kool.....but if it were a fat slimey man...no, i wouldn't assume they are on it

2003-11-09 08:36:38 ET

tasha you rock

2003-11-09 08:48:06 ET

well, it's the truth hahaha

2003-11-09 09:10:24 ET

you still rock

2003-11-09 09:15:18 ET

and so do you :P

2003-11-09 14:39:14 ET


2003-11-09 15:52:42 ET

heh, yeah, i figured it was SG ;-P

2003-11-09 17:37:36 ET

apparently there is a website like suicide girls that has men and women called murder boys and girls or sonething to that effect...I am going to check........<wait for it>.........now

2003-11-10 13:21:12 ET

Yeah. I've been rockin' my SG undies. SG girls unite!

2003-11-10 15:13:09 ET

totally.....so when are you going to get those pix up anyway rikki my dear?

2003-11-11 15:06:27 ET

Soon. I have them on disk in my undies drawer.

2003-11-11 17:21:25 ET

good good

2003-11-11 21:19:48 ET

So impatient!

2003-11-12 05:26:38 ET

yes I am....
heh heh

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