2003-11-30 22:06:28 ET

had a wonderful weekend...spent it all with my lovely green buddy meggo and jules
went out to dinner
went to a show
went hungry due to lack of money
finished my uc apps.(yay)
and feel good

2003-11-30 22:09:01 ET

What show?

2003-11-30 22:11:47 ET

ahh crap
I suck so much
an uzi show in santa cruz
funeral shock
los dryheavors etc..

2003-11-30 22:17:00 ET

you didn't go that hungry you had "free" applesauce and bagles from strangers

2003-11-30 22:23:09 ET

the extra sk was an automatic thing i am guessing....(a link to all sk mambers just type the name?) I fixed it and...was confused for a good minute of so...when I looked at the html I put in the entery it was on sk link....sooo
oh I am done ranting now
riiiiight free applesuae...yum
one of those bagels was chocolate

2003-11-30 23:21:35 ET

santa cruz = awesome, i went there, went to the beach and watched the surfers and shit

2003-12-01 10:59:59 ET

bagels rock.

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