'scuse me, is this the line...I need a rant
2003-12-18 19:57:41 ET

I am apppologizing before hand...
here is my rant

I fucking give the fuck up. Fuck AP fuck school fuck the sats fuck college fuck relationships fuck half moon bay fuck monterey fuck seaside fuck my parents fuck fuck
No, I don't want to go to college, fuck that, why do I want to teach anyway. Why the fuck should I wast my time on kids who will never fucking learn. Why wast thousands of dollars on a fucking education when I can quit now get a high paying hard work type job and move to japan when I earn enough. Fuck. I am tired of not sleeping I am tired of giving up on my homework due to the fact that I will never fucking finish it. Fuck Counslers and English.

I am done. again. sorry.

2003-12-18 20:06:47 ET

wow....that is one hella lot of fucks

2003-12-18 20:14:46 ET

rants are good! *hugs you* every fuck i can relate to...except the living in half moon bay and shit!!! forced education is a suck ass topic with my parents!!! i hope your doing better...and your new avatar is kewl! kick ass hair by the by! <3 <3 <3

2003-12-18 20:24:25 ET

i still <3 you, camille.

2003-12-18 22:27:00 ET

please prove me right.

2003-12-19 10:11:03 ET

aww.. stick through hun, you're almost done. you're too smart to waste your brain on just a regular job. trust me, when you get to college, away from everything, it will be worth it. college is really not that hard compared to high school (at least in my opinion, and i understand because i took alot of APs too) it's alot less work, more studying, but you have alot of time to sleeeeeep and do your own thing. don't give up.

2003-12-19 19:37:02 ET

oh dear, hunny next time your here. we'll talk.

2003-12-20 00:08:04 ET

I'll drink to that.....

you can have a shot of vegany soy milk or something. :-P

Feel better... stress blows!

2003-12-21 14:06:48 ET

Same boat girly.

Want to join me in the military? :-o

2003-12-21 16:21:51 ET

nate- no...I have experienced that kinda already

tabs- how about next next time...I missed ya hon, I was in town for about 20 hours....soooweee

jules- prove wha?

rixxi- that is your newest name

starey- thanks hon, my hair is so different now, but it looks the same in black 'n white

crystal- yea...I know...I am just sick of it, the reality is that I have only two weeks left of high school, but i am extremely frustrated...so rawr

2003-12-21 17:07:17 ET


2003-12-21 17:14:45 ET

that you can't fail

2003-12-21 17:16:23 ET

haha...I hope you are right

2003-12-22 07:18:18 ET

Rixxi??? I'm not 100% sure I approve.

2003-12-22 09:33:53 ET

well then...
I was in a weird mood, I don't have to use it...

2003-12-22 09:36:22 ET

How about rixxir....it's a paladrome

2003-12-22 09:39:03 ET

that it is

2003-12-22 09:59:59 ET

... I think I approve of the first one more.

2003-12-22 10:00:16 ET

You're no fun.

2003-12-22 10:02:35 ET

haha....ooh ooh showdown
(sorry that is funny to no one here but me)

2003-12-22 10:04:17 ET

I'm fun. Ask anybody I've slept with. :-P

2003-12-22 17:39:25 ET

rixter wins.

2003-12-22 20:25:04 ET

ben is naked!

2003-12-22 20:25:24 ET


2003-12-22 20:32:41 ET


2003-12-22 20:35:24 ET

you are aware that you desire me.

2003-12-22 20:40:24 ET


i kinda like the naked avatar idea. we should all do it.
well.. ladies would have to cover up a little but still.

2003-12-22 20:42:43 ET

it's actually in protest to all the teen girls doing their "look at me in my bra and panties, give me attention" avatars. it'll be back to abba-zaba soon.

2003-12-22 20:47:12 ET

haha...ben now I do want you...all because of that statement

2003-12-22 20:47:27 ET

I was gonig to do that but I couldn't find my bra, or a camera.

2003-12-22 20:47:51 ET

but not the avatar itself? weird. cuz damn, it's sexy.

2003-12-22 20:51:41 ET

haha...ben you know it...wait...ben and jules have you met?

2003-12-22 20:53:36 ET

ben is too sexy for his shirt

2003-12-22 20:55:43 ET

i too am confused by her knowledge of my name. i feel like some kind of jackass for not knowing hers.

2003-12-22 20:56:27 ET


2003-12-22 20:56:57 ET

yea, I think so

2003-12-22 20:57:01 ET

i know YOUR name, camille. i was referring to this jules person.

2003-12-22 20:57:40 ET


2003-12-22 20:57:40 ET


2003-12-22 20:58:18 ET

hahaha...jules is a boy
crazy curly hair..taco bell...party...maybe that will help you

2003-12-22 20:58:30 ET

i thought we were talking about rebelina.

i'm so thoroughly confused!!!

2003-12-22 20:58:34 ET


2003-12-22 20:59:03 ET


2003-12-22 20:59:04 ET

crazy curly hair...not ringing a bell. taco bell...vague. party...kinda a blur.

2003-12-22 20:59:26 ET

her name is crystal...you dork.....hahahaha

2003-12-22 21:00:34 ET

now i feel bad for not recognizing someone whom, by your account, i have met. and if he was at taco bell, i have met him. oh, i am such the ass!`

2003-12-22 21:02:27 ET

it is okay...to make you feel worse..he remembers you

2003-12-22 21:02:49 ET

oh sweet jesus. now i am the ultimate in asstasticality.

2003-12-22 21:03:05 ET

wow it kinda feels good to not be remembered for once.

2003-12-22 21:04:15 ET

i have a terrible memory.

i can only remember people if they can't remember me. so maybe if you forget, i'll remember, then i can forget again so you can have your memory back.

seriously, i walk up to people all the time that i've recently met and they have no idea who i am. it's weird.

2003-12-22 21:04:46 ET


2003-12-22 21:12:27 ET

why what? why don't they remember me? i don't know. why can't i remember them? i have selective memory or something. i was too drawn into the 'damn, rikki's awesome' moment.

2003-12-22 22:23:14 ET

It's true. Camille, Justin wants you to sign onto AIM.

2003-12-23 08:39:07 ET

but I wasn't here......

2003-12-23 17:02:25 ET

heh sorry. i just picked up your name from camille's posts and etc.

2003-12-23 18:08:48 ET

haha...well you thoughrally confused ben...mad props to you crystal!

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