2003-12-23 20:46:21 ET

what is with these people my age getting married? Am I just really afraid of commitment?
I think my firends make a great couple, but doesn't marriage come after years and years of working on a relationship?
I will not not not be critical.
Or should I?
Why am I always surprised to find out people are serious about marriage so young?
is this just me?
I thought about this alot, and they have my blessing
they are perfect for each other in every way and they both rock my socks hard cor3

2003-12-23 20:47:42 ET

i think its kinda crazy, but if they are in love, then why not.
it always makes me feel old when i realize i have friends that are married, friends that have babies and friends with hair transplants.

2003-12-23 20:48:36 ET

well when i worked at the casino, everyone was in a serious relationship but me.

in the same year, 2 couple got married, 1 of which was engaged for 3 years, the other for 1 year.

2003-12-23 20:49:22 ET

i couldn't do it. then again, i'm past your age, around typical marriage age now, kinda.

but it still seems insanely early, even now.

i don't understand it.

2003-12-23 20:50:02 ET

if i had the right woman i'd get married right now.

and i'm only 22.

but it probably won't happen for me until i'm 25-30

2003-12-23 21:09:50 ET

w3rd. Fuck settling down that early.

2003-12-23 21:43:32 ET

I don't belive in marriage. I see no point other than legalities and shit like that. The only reason my parents got married was an exuse to throw a party and have a good time.

2003-12-23 21:44:00 ET

I feel the same about not wanting to be married until I'm older. I have a friend who's getting married in a few months. He's my age, 23, but I still think he's too young.

2003-12-23 21:45:47 ET

depends, how long has he dated the woman. after 20 age doesn't mean shit.

at that point it's about maturity level.

2003-12-23 21:48:00 ET

he's dated her for about a year and a half. I'm avoiding the whole family thing until I'm in the late 20's, so I'm really biased.

2003-12-23 21:49:46 ET

that's not bad, almost 2 years, that's about the time i would propose to a woman.

2003-12-23 21:50:41 ET

if I meet the right person, I'd probably do the same :-/ kids are a whole other story....

2003-12-23 21:52:59 ET

i could have kids right now and i'd be happy.

2003-12-23 21:55:33 ET

I personally have no intention of getting married..having kids is much more important to me....if I do love someone that much and I do get married then it happens....if not then no biggie...I am young yet, my attitude will probably change

2003-12-23 21:56:52 ET

indeed. my attitude towards the subject has changed drastically from when i was younger.

2003-12-23 22:31:45 ET

I can't wait to get married. I'm 23. BUT--I also know I am nowhere near ready. Hell, I don't have a groom yet. ;)

But even if I did, I know it's not something I'm ready for at this point. My parents have been married over 30 years--most of their lives; or as my mom puts it, if she had killed him off in the beginning, she'd be out by now--and I watched their relationship work my whole life. It IS work, and it has ups and downs. But I also saw unconditional love there, which exists to this day. And I learned that when you are ready, you just know.

2003-12-24 11:35:53 ET

I so want to start a family right now, but I'm not in a stable job yet,...

Bugs, I'll be your groom.

Oh, and Bettie, I've thought about this on the drive up:

Boy #1: Ditch, he's emotionless so it won't effect him...and if it does, CONGRATS! You cured him.

Boy #2: You don't want to deal with that

My solution, go with Girl #1....or I'll be your 4th place :-p

2003-12-24 11:43:51 ET

No way! I got dibs on Bugs!

2003-12-24 11:44:40 ET

Boys, boy! You are ALL in the harem, kay?

2003-12-24 11:49:32 ET

well...that is the obvious choice...
I think I am not going to try anymore and just see what happens,
I was also thinking about it, and I am sick of this promiscuous shit.

2003-12-24 11:50:51 ET

heh, yea it gets boring.

it was fun when i was younger but now i wanna settle down.

2003-12-24 11:58:08 ET

I don't know what promiscuous shit is like.

Cause the way my mind works...and the way my nuts work. I think you only know about shush and I won't inspect the undies

2003-12-24 12:25:08 ET

okay I won't tell and you don't's a deal

2003-12-24 12:30:06 ET

Crap! I just realized, I didn't collect my hour

2003-12-24 12:33:47 ET you didn't!
I was wondering when you would figure that out.
WeLL I will see you in a week
so be prepared ;)

2003-12-24 12:34:25 ET


2003-12-25 00:47:17 ET

Is this just you? NO.

I think they're nuts (all of them, not just the two you're referring to). NUTS. But then, I'm anti-marriage in general. But especially for any individulas under the age of 25. Unless one needs citizenship or something.

ESPECIALLY if they haven't even known eachother for a year. But who knows. Some people amazingly make it work.

Also, I consider marriage to be a ridiculous tradition. Marriage was originally invented to transfer ownership of the woman from the father to the groom. Fuck that, dude. NOBODY OWNS ME, OR EVER WILL. And it's just paperwork. Paperwork doesn't prove love, acts of love and kindness do. Not that I am against ANYONE getting married. It's just not for me.

And here, here on the promiscuity. And the day you hear ME say that, you know something's up. :-\

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