2003-12-25 18:37:21 ET

well...Ima out for a week or three
as addicting as this all is I need to take a break


also nate and dylan need to contact me if they expect to see me on New Year's Day at all.

2003-12-25 19:10:45 ET

Willfully taking a break from SK? THat's just unnatural.

Enjoy the cold, uncolored world of real life, hun. :-P

2003-12-26 08:33:53 ET

I'll txt msg you or something. You'll be checking the board in a couple of days...

2003-12-27 11:11:18 ET

where is you gonna be for new years?

2003-12-28 18:38:57 ET

And yes do that....I also hope that you know that I have no idea where anything is in berkeley...

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