2004-01-04 00:22:16 ET

I appologize in advance for my rant-

"Humans assume they are more important than non-human animals and use that as justification for inflicting appalling suffering on them."
-Michelle Thew

I am reasearching vivisection for a government project when I stumble upon this quote. It is rather interesting how we think that. Now as a current vegetarian and previous owner of animals and member of 4-H I can say that chickens(as well as so many other animals) are dumb as all fuck and deserve to die. Or do they? How does the intellegence of something or someone justify an untimely death? Do we kill dumb people? No, as much as I wish we did, we don't. I would even eat them if we did, I find it less wrong than killing animals. Humans, especialy the dumb-fucks, lack a certain innocence that animals retain. These animals are almost incapable of losing this so called innocence as well, after the murder performed by the dogs in S.F. I remember hearing a woman say "Oh those poor helpless dogs, they don't know what they were doing." Do we hold the same standard for those people who kill, maim, and rape? No we don't and we never will. But I think we should. I do realize that what I just said negated what I previously stated. But think about it, if animals are stupid and people are stupid then why not kill them all?
I am all up for that.
It's a sweet kind of genocide-
Death to Idiocy and Morons
I think I just lost my soul.

2004-01-04 09:21:46 ET

no one really deserves to die for being stupid.

its just survival of the fittest (sp?).

Here's one thing i've always noticed if an animal dies people will be like, "Oh the poor little thing."
But if a person dies people don't really care (except the people who were close to the person).

They will mourn over a little animal, but a person even if they don't know 'em they won't care.

I'm not saying we shouldn't care about animals (i have 5 cats, 2 dogs, a toad, and a turtle), but people should come first. I'm sad whenever i hear about people dying, just as much about an animal dying.

All life is precious.

2004-01-05 03:46:16 ET

and I'm just saying that if we eat people.. will we get mad people disease?

2004-01-05 12:06:35 ET


2004-01-05 16:36:13 ET


2004-01-05 16:53:59 ET

oh...I knew I forgot something, thank you jules old chap
about mad human disease-
I think we would, but better we get it the right way than the way of cow.
all Of which I have said I truly beleive.
augh I am starting to sound like him!!!

2004-01-05 17:54:32 ET

I heard on the radio that you only get brain s9ick if you eat their brain and spinal cord. Otherwise you get swiss cheese for brains.

2004-01-05 18:05:07 ET

cattle decapitation...they're not really that good, but they're all vegetarians that "sing about the horrors of vivisection" that coming from guitar world.

that bothers me...people care more about the cat that gets run over than say, the victims of a guy that freaks out and cuts up his neighbors and freezes them for later.

2004-01-05 20:04:50 ET

welll if they were willing victims i would care more about the cat.
and If I was given proof that the victms were really dumb then i might also care about the cat more
if it is not either of these situations then I care equally

2004-01-05 20:19:56 ET

thats a pretty rare thing to see now.

2004-01-05 20:47:35 ET

I think that is true

2004-01-05 21:23:46 ET

There was a guy in Germany that was willingly eaten by an other man, after first tasting himself.

2004-01-06 18:53:01 ET

cannibals are cool because they are either so damn smart... or so damn stupid. then they are just crazy anyways.

2004-01-06 20:12:31 ET

jules i read that article too, then I showed it to my friend and she went
"that is disgusting and just wrong"
I replied " I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with it" and licked my lips
my god her face was funny

2004-01-06 21:42:10 ET

that is too good

2004-01-07 09:11:07 ET

hahaha that is pretty amusing

2004-01-10 21:05:47 ET

other really good bands that sing about vivisection/animal rights: antiproduct, vice squad, crass, contravene, nausea, oi polloi, rudimentary peni, cress, even morrissey.

i wonder what human meat tastes like. meh

2004-01-12 17:46:14 ET

don't forget Earth Crisis, everyones favorite bunch of ubervegans.

2004-01-12 17:56:30 ET

i hear people taste like spam

2004-01-12 17:58:47 ET

I have heard that too, but i guess there is only one way to find out.....

2004-01-12 17:59:50 ET

spam is like ham and why do you think they call it long pig?

2004-01-12 18:01:01 ET


2004-01-12 18:12:26 ET

long pig is another name for human meat

2004-01-12 18:14:47 ET

why thank you!

2004-01-13 10:19:35 ET

spam is scary

2004-01-13 18:11:32 ET

i'm sure there's someone out there who'd let you taste 'em...

2004-01-13 21:54:25 ET

apperently there is a website...
but then again...

2004-01-13 21:55:18 ET

noone really needs a little toe anyways. remove it and evolve! (then eat it)

2004-01-13 22:01:56 ET

haha....yes...I think I shall...perhaps

okay no I won't

2004-01-19 05:19:20 ET

People frequently say, "Let's kill all the stupid people." And, I have to admit, I can't help but agree sometimes.

But what about the retarded? Would you kill retarded people? After all, they are, by definition, stupid.

2004-01-19 18:39:32 ET

this is true, but they have no concious decision in this action, people(in my beleif) choose to be stupid
and that is why they deserve to die

2004-01-19 19:18:26 ET

The Eskimos would leave their retarded out in the cold to stop them from spreading bad genes.

2004-01-24 08:21:04 ET

I think being stupid is often a choice, but I don't think it is by rule. I think often, stupid people are just plain stupid. Not that this makes them any less repugnant.

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