go shorty, it's yo birthday
2004-01-18 21:05:18 ET

I is a high school graduate...


2004-01-18 21:06:24 ET

Congradulations with a D in Deserved and an A in Apples...

2004-01-18 21:07:18 ET


2004-01-18 21:11:43 ET

I think a toast in is order:
To bread!
For without bread there is no toast.

seriously though you done proved me right

2004-01-18 21:12:52 ET

okay fine...I accept that

2004-01-18 21:15:08 ET

I'd say I hate you...

but you know it isn't true.

you left me! I feel abandoned! :cries like the emo bitch I am:

2004-01-18 21:16:42 ET

silly girl

2004-01-18 21:17:30 ET

That reminds me....

*listens to the Descendents - Silly Girl*

2004-01-18 22:23:28 ET

hey, me too!

2004-01-19 03:30:56 ET


finally.......damn hahah

2004-01-19 05:21:30 ET

COngrats! COme party!

2004-01-19 17:17:15 ET

very kool.

2004-01-19 18:43:06 ET

thank you alll

rix- I will as soon as I get the chance to get down there!!
we can have a wicked good time

2004-01-21 20:07:33 ET

Of coz!

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