same shirt
2004-01-21 23:23:04 ET

my happy glow should penatrate you all

and if it doesn't then your and emo fuck face and don't deserve my glow, although you all rock

regardless of the emotascity

the breaking has begun...

in other news!
my job is alright
my car hates me
and I am not a tease, you jerk...

2004-01-21 23:24:33 ET

First you *Gasp*



2004-01-22 01:25:06 ET

i want some of your glow!!

i need a job, blah

2004-01-22 05:42:20 ET

*acts as glow sponge*

2004-01-23 07:53:09 ET

what is the 'cause of this 'glow'?

2004-01-23 11:46:20 ET know...


2004-01-23 11:46:22 ET

It really just isn't her...there is another.

2004-01-24 08:17:43 ET

A flashlight?

2004-01-24 08:29:53 ET


2004-01-24 10:48:40 ET

..I was talking about Skywalkers.

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