2004-01-24 12:21:41 ET

my step dad sent me this

2004-01-24 12:26:17 ET

Cute and catchy.

2004-01-24 12:26:55 ET

*sings* THE IDIOT SON OF AN ASSHOLE!! That is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the day thx to that. LOL.

2004-01-24 15:42:21 ET

it takes to long to load.

but its funny.

don't hate us because we're americans. just hate our government.

thats what i keep telling people.

2004-01-24 15:44:44 ET

I think I'm too patriotic.

2004-01-24 15:45:16 ET


2004-01-24 15:46:24 ET

I love my country. I'd die for my government. I love my land. I love my flag.

2004-01-24 15:47:36 ET

kool. i think we just need a different president.

2004-01-24 15:48:06 ET

Tis the curse of the skinhead.

I'd rather have a retard on a puppet string than a lock box carrying robot.

2004-01-24 15:49:34 ET

makes sense.

2004-01-24 15:51:01 ET

There's a major problem with politics.....everyone going in has their personal interests....and that is usually keeping their job. That's the problem with's a corporate job.

2004-01-24 16:09:13 ET


2004-01-24 16:50:06 ET

but if a puppet is puppeteered by a lock box carrying robot...then...
we're fucked

I also love my country, I do hate the government...we could just be so much better
in comparison though we are pretty cool, most freedoms...etc. etc. etc.

but so many faults...too many to ignore

2004-01-24 16:51:51 ET

The problem is people take one side or the other and then become complete Nazis to their cause and create propaganda accordingly. That's the reason I don't get into politics.

2004-01-24 16:54:19 ET

I wish I couldn't, but I am just too passionate about the issues...I don't sit on the fence about anything...
I can't just go "meh" about it and let it go...
I wish I was passionless

2004-01-24 16:58:09 ET

It's a great life being passionless about politics...

...but then again....I look like an idiot when it comes to modern events...........

2004-01-24 17:11:28 ET

it's okay

2004-01-24 17:14:04 ET

You and me and those in between are what keeps this system going round.

2004-01-24 17:32:28 ET


2004-01-24 17:42:13 ET

An idea proposed by the great DNA: anyone who want's power isn't fit to have any.

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