2004-01-25 22:52:39 ET

so blonde......

2004-01-25 23:00:04 ET


2004-01-25 23:00:26 ET

OMG! I'm getting a heart attack.

2004-01-25 23:02:30 ET

I said I was blonde and I meant it

2004-01-25 23:05:56 ET

haha! love the T-shirt!

2004-01-25 23:06:52 ET

ah I've been blonder

god that's and old picture

and a bad one at that

2004-01-25 23:10:58 ET

that picture is huuuuuuuuuge

yea...dylan...believe it or not it's band

2004-01-25 23:35:21 ET


2004-01-25 23:57:33 ET

(covers self)

2004-01-26 01:31:40 ET

so blonde...........so............so damn hot

2004-01-26 01:42:28 ET


2004-01-26 05:03:55 ET



2004-01-26 10:17:35 ET

thanks guys!

2004-01-26 10:46:15 ET


2004-01-26 11:32:20 ET

errr.... i liked my pants... you had to go ruin them O_o

2004-01-26 11:35:23 ET

*hangs head*

I'm sowwy

2004-01-26 11:35:50 ET

it's ok... i clicked the link :-(...
:::sniffles::: i'll get new ones

2004-01-26 11:38:20 ET

well I hope your new pants are as good as your old ones hon

2004-01-26 11:44:50 ET

we can only hope :::stares off into distance:::

2004-01-26 11:59:34 ET

What is your necklace? You're not a witch or something are you?

2004-01-26 12:47:05 ET

no...psha...I am not some poser "wiccan" girl who thinks she can do curses...
it's key and two rings
ring 1-my mothers first engagement ring
ring 2-my grandfather gave me
key- key to a set of broken hand cuffs one of my better friends gave me to wear as bracelets...they are long lost
but i still have the key

2004-01-26 17:22:20 ET


2004-01-26 21:37:25 ET

can i like hump you?


2004-01-26 21:41:34 ET

If that works...I call seconds.

2004-01-26 21:45:00 ET

damnit... uhm... could i have thirds?

2004-01-26 21:45:23 ET

haha you guys are sloppy seconds and thirds! losers!

2004-01-26 21:47:11 ET

okay tabby, but guys please try to be neat and clean up after yourselves...that is all I ask

oh and form line to the left

2004-01-26 21:47:42 ET


2004-01-26 21:47:57 ET

*steps in line*

2004-01-26 21:48:06 ET

:::shrugs::: well... no need to hide my true identity ;-)... if i'm accepted for thirds... then i'm fully open to be a loser

2004-01-26 21:48:18 ET

i'm number 1!

2004-01-26 21:50:42 ET

ehhh... atleast i'm in the line ;-)... see in my mind i've already won... :::bows:::

2004-01-26 21:51:47 ET

yeah but i'm actually first. haha (this is so lame).

2004-01-26 21:54:35 ET

:::agrees:::... but hey you called first... :-\ beat me to it

2004-01-26 21:55:21 ET

wow...this might just be getting out of hand
psuedo uno-tyson (he told me about 4 hours ago that he wanted to "folicle fuck" me, b/c my hair is so damn awesome)
uno- tabby
quatro- edit=TINA!!!!!!!!!!

2004-01-26 21:55:50 ET


2004-01-26 21:56:44 ET

i may need seconds... :::snickers:::

2004-01-26 21:56:48 ET

"Folicle fuck"....how romantic.

2004-01-26 21:57:09 ET


im Tina :)

2004-01-26 21:59:56 ET



2004-01-26 22:01:16 ET

well I thought it was, tyson never wants to fuck me anymore *cries*

(and for those who don't know, tyson is my big gay friend....he likes to be creepy, and I <3 him)

2004-01-26 22:03:08 ET

i could never understand how he wouldn't want to fuck you... that's just mind boggling... O_o

2004-01-26 22:07:41 ET


2004-01-26 22:09:35 ET

eh he just doesn't know what he's missing

2004-01-26 22:10:53 ET

he is missing what he doesn't want...this does not strike me as odd

2004-01-26 22:11:47 ET

i find it quite strange personally... not want you... psh...

2004-01-26 22:15:00 ET

I am laughing

2004-01-26 22:22:21 ET

don't know why... but for some reason the masturbating bear just popped in my head... i want a masturbating bear costume... how much fun would that be at the mall?

2004-01-26 22:25:28 ET

yea...if you want a sex offender record...but if you do...go for it!!

2004-01-26 22:29:20 ET

hahaha... well yea it probably wouldn't be cool... if i had that on my record O_o...
ehh... i was thinkin' about it in the innocent humorous way... and you had to make it dirty

2004-01-26 22:32:06 ET

yea....I do that
but how can a masturbatory bear suit not be dirty?

2004-01-26 22:32:31 ET

If it was taken to a dry cleaner.

*rim shot*

2004-01-26 22:36:17 ET

uhm... the conan o' brien show has a masturbating bear... and it's not dirty O_o...
:-) i love that... it's been a long time since they did the masturbating bear skit :-(... haha it's one of the funniest things

2004-01-26 22:42:43 ET

I never get to see that show..........
annd I won't now either


2004-01-26 22:50:12 ET

:-\ nite

2004-02-02 10:10:55 ET



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