2004-02-02 20:30:43 ET

this may come as a shock....

but I am now straight edge
thats right I am claiming it.
and fuck you.

I promise to be an understanding edge kid, most of the time
and I promise not to fuck with you when drunk(much more than I did before)
and it's for the best.


2004-02-02 20:31:31 ET


Doesn't matter....I'm proud of ya.

2004-02-02 20:33:25 ET


2004-02-02 20:37:05 ET

correction- sXe is not no sex 'til marriage, it's no promiscuous sex. and that my friend I shall not have.

2004-02-02 20:37:44 ET

You're such the great girl....Don't let people give you shit about it, just kick their ass.

2004-02-02 20:39:35 ET

no worries nate my boy...I will...I will...

2004-02-02 20:43:47 ET

depends on where you are, what the edge means. some people wouldn't let you claim it if you didn't try to force the views on other people or if you ate meat.

but screw those guys, they're taking it way too seriously. it's why i don't claim the edge. even though by all rights, i could.

good job, you.

2004-02-02 21:36:28 ET

I could probably claim to be sXe, I've never smoked, don't drink, never done drugs (I don't like taking tylenol unless I really, really have to)... ummm... but like Insert said, it depends on where you are and who you talk to to what they consider to be straight-edge.

2004-02-03 15:27:48 ET

I have heard those people rant about it involving vegetarianism...and...
they are nuts...but to each her own

2004-02-03 21:59:58 ET

not all straight edge kids are agianst the premarital sex. but most are.

but das kool. straight edge kids are kool. i'm just not one of them.

2004-02-03 22:01:35 ET

too many sub-sections of the straightedge movement.

anyway, if it's just no drinking, drugs, or promiscuous sex, i'm in.

2004-02-04 13:24:50 ET


2004-02-04 17:43:55 ET

Well, I'm proud of you, Camille.

I'll just drink enough for the both of us in the future. :-P

Go you.

2004-02-04 22:02:20 ET

No need Rikki, I already do

2004-02-05 04:58:06 ET

luv fo all!!

2004-02-19 12:28:21 ET

haha. Jules, considering your size, that's kinda creepy.

2004-02-19 14:39:23 ET

creepy like a fox!

2004-02-19 16:22:00 ET


2004-02-19 17:34:43 ET

wow jules...just wow

and yay!

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