buhh bye
2004-02-10 17:06:44 ET

They just went on a very long vacation with all their stuff, and a forwarding address..
they will be back

coreffanie- I miss you guys, so much. I will be here, or maybe I will come out there in my kidnapping time and get tony then come live there for a while. He needs kidnappagge alot. I need you two alot.
someday we will all be happy on a tiny island we call our home. There we will stay and bring people and times we cherish.
good bye
-Boba Fett


I need to do laundry. The bruises on my shoulders caught up with me and now I am sore. Someone needs to and has full permission to shoot me. Not specific, so if you feel the need, you have permission.

2004-02-10 17:37:34 ET

:::cocks trigger::: are you sure?... i could just possibly give you a massage... rub hot oils all over your body... we could work this out

2004-02-10 17:55:38 ET

- blam -

2004-02-10 19:20:03 ET

no I need shotage

why thank you dj

2004-02-10 19:23:22 ET


2004-02-10 19:25:51 ET

okay, when you shoot me you can do that...but the body is going to go cold and then it's just messy...and sticky...
but hey, if you're up for it

2004-02-10 19:27:19 ET

maybe i can take you to the hospital? :-\... don't want ya to be dyin'

2004-02-10 19:38:36 ET

but the dead are so much attractive than the living....

but hey I just found out i got into SFSU....gee I didn't see THAT coming
no...noy at all

sorry...I am just not woo hooing about my back up school

2004-02-10 19:53:18 ET


2004-02-11 00:00:12 ET

I know you're not lame but can I still eat you if you are shot?

2004-02-11 16:58:52 ET


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