ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine-cannibalistic commie
2004-02-11 17:20:25 ET

I am doing a zine and if anyone wants to contribute contact me
(soon I will have an e-mail correlating to it)
edit again- cannibalistic_commie@mindless.com

I want- art, poetry, informational pieces, political pieces(keep in mind that I am probably going to be biased towards some I disagree with, or will print them with a editorial), quotes, research, anything

It's mainly commie/dissent based, so try to keep that in mind

edit!!!!- music too

2004-02-11 17:30:13 ET


Camille, Camille--
cars are a thrill
make holes in your 'zine
with an electric drill.

2004-02-11 17:44:14 ET

...wow I am so printing that...

I picked a name

2004-02-11 18:22:57 ET

it's pretty good, eh :P

2004-02-11 19:20:43 ET

yes indeedy

2004-02-11 20:11:43 ET

awesome. i'll try to think of something. i'm sure at the very least come up with some good online resources. i can definitely help distribute some of them down here in so cal.

2004-02-11 20:21:05 ET

I just got this image of someone eating a human with a hammer and sickle, going to have to draw that, then write about physics for you.

2004-02-11 21:27:17 ET

how's that?

2004-02-12 11:47:25 ET

so is going to be the cover image!!
I <3<3<3<3 you jules!

2004-02-12 11:49:07 ET

yea, I was too lazy to draw, yeay photoshop!

2004-02-17 03:10:52 ET

I'd love to offer something, but I'm capatalist and vegetarian.

2004-02-17 05:42:28 ET

dude...you can totally contribute!!
(I am a vegetarian too, the cannibalism thing is a mad joke)
I don't care where you stand this is for everyone...it just so happens that alot of people I know are commie or anarchist....which..now that I think about it is odd....

2004-02-17 09:42:38 ET


2004-02-17 16:46:33 ET

what did you do jules?!

2004-02-17 16:49:11 ET

I think the real question is WHO.

2004-02-17 17:13:45 ET

well at least there's no body to hide

2004-02-17 17:28:50 ET


2004-02-17 22:06:27 ET

i have some sketches. pm me your address so i can stalk you *ahem* i mean send the pictures.

2004-02-17 22:10:10 ET

Yeah, just IM me for music reviews.. I have tons that I've written on my hard drive.

2004-02-17 22:45:12 ET


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