anger management
2004-02-22 13:13:22 ET

my anger has reached a boiling point and now I am at a consistant simmer..
I am trying hard hard hard to quell it...sitting at my computer with a big bag of baby carrots and carton of chocolate silk, trying to forget.
I am also extremely lonely. I have no real human interaction anymore besides my co-workers, customers, and family.
I need to get out. Get away. Move to an undisclosed location.

2004-02-22 13:15:04 ET

I'll wisk you away.

2004-02-22 13:42:09 ET

i understand.

i am in a simialar sit.

2004-02-22 14:40:17 ET

I wouldn't tell anyone you're if you were here

2004-02-22 15:02:38 ET

doesn't posting about it kinda deafeat the purpose, jules?

2004-02-22 15:19:07 ET

Go to a Caribbean island. Hang out on the beach enjoying cheap (but good) food and wine. Lie out on the sand and let the waves wash over you. You'll find it hard to angry about anything. (and I'm sure you will find some human interaction when you feel like it.)

2004-02-22 15:25:27 ET

hm...I gues you're right, But I had good intentions ^_^

2004-02-22 15:40:28 ET

chris: mmmmm ....the caribean....

jules:yea....I would take you up on it too, but I have responsibilities....fucking...jsdghsoef

2004-02-22 15:52:16 ET

yea, that jsdghsoef can really get to a person

2004-02-22 15:54:23 ET

yes it can

2004-02-22 19:06:24 ET

What's got you so mad?

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