2004-02-22 21:12:40 ET

I send these two my love!!

the south gets all the good ones..

2004-02-22 21:26:24 ET

Where is that?

2004-02-23 08:45:16 ET

where the picture was taken?
chaz's house, garage

2004-02-23 17:46:44 ET

That guy is extremly attractive

2004-02-23 17:48:57 ET

yes...he is..
he's my "brother"
and thats his fiance, stephie whom I love with all my heart and soul...
i miss her....and him....

2004-02-23 17:50:38 ET

Ah, the girl looks a like him only a slightly darker tan.

Is your brother gonzophysisist?

2004-02-23 17:52:22 ET

he is also my "brother"

2004-02-25 15:27:49 ET

so does that make me and Cowry(sp) brothers?

2004-02-25 19:22:40 ET

if you want to be corey's brother then hey...go for it(?)

2004-02-25 19:57:07 ET


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