2004-02-29 00:47:39 ET

went to show
saw people
met new people
walked down street hitting buckets with drumsticks
with new people
police were, surprsingly, pleasent
went with new people to house
bonded kinda
met boy at show/house
is interested
boy is anarchist
boy is also out of my reach
this will be a problem
just a note to self-
In relation, I want what is just beyond my reach. If I get it, I lose interest fast. Solution, never let yourself be "satisfied" and you will always be busy. This accomplishes nothing. Commitment is what I need to make. I am striving to make that commitment. It's time to have a real relationship based on real feelings (non lust feelings) to break myself of my detrimental habit. So. I will commit. I will commit to a person. And I will commit to this hairstyle for at least 5 more months. I can do this.


2004-02-29 00:52:59 ET

I believe in you! You can do it!
</Jules the chearleader>

2004-02-29 00:54:32 ET

yay! jules is wearing womens clothinng......?

2004-02-29 00:57:07 ET

if it will help the chear, why not?!

2004-02-29 06:28:44 ET

YOU GO GIRL! *snaps fingers thrice*

2004-02-29 07:02:41 ET

you guys....
are huge DORKS

2004-02-29 08:45:19 ET

hmmm.. we always the ones out of reach.
anarchist boys are fun :)

2004-02-29 12:08:48 ET

they are
damn it

2004-02-29 16:07:47 ET

I am extremely disgruntled to read this post and see absolutly NO mention of a certain extra specially wonderful person that was very much there with you that night.

that person being, of course, myself.

but that stupid Seb boy gets much mention. now. who is more important here chicka?

bros before hoes works for chicks too. jeez. :am offended:

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