meed drink?
2004-03-01 08:18:19 ET

I am not going to drink it, but I thought some of you would like to
so go see how to make it

2004-03-01 09:11:48 ET

I don't know if I could trust drinking anything I brewed up, you just know it would be a bad way. but if anyone esle made it...WHOOO mead par-tay!

2004-03-01 16:33:43 ET

man...I posted it so you might try it out
if I made it, would you drink it?

2004-03-01 17:51:52 ET


2004-03-01 19:09:57 ET

Camille, if you made it, I'll drink it.

If I made it...I'll bet it could be used as rat poison.

2004-03-01 20:05:22 ET

WHOOO rat poison par-tay!

2004-03-03 06:11:44 ET

mmm bee larvae

2004-03-04 19:01:57 ET

I AM GOING TO DO THAT. it'll have scum on top instead of foam.

2004-03-04 21:25:32 ET

rock!...I knew someone would

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