i'm excited...
2004-03-04 21:36:59 ET

groooooovie ghoulies and monterey here I come!
I will have a good weekend full of good people and music, for a little while I won't feel so alone. Glowing with the light of human interaction instead of the blue light omitted from this page.
to do this weekend-
see groovie ghoulies and phenomenauts at different locations (both in moneterey) in the same night
see meggo
drop by jules' dorm and pick up pictures from a long lost summer
pick up father from airport
start car fixing process
visit monterey high (and seaside?)
see old friends of mine that were once lost to drugs, but may be found? (and healthy?)*
perhaps pick up a boy(?)
perhaps see against me at gilman?
return to my "home" ans sit alone until work starts again tuesday

*drugs do not lose people, some (not all) get lost in them

2004-03-04 21:54:20 ET

damn, I'm envious of your weekend.. likely most of mine will be spent in front of the computer.. =P
I hate to see people get lost in drugs. too many friends lost =(.

2004-03-05 05:48:13 ET

most of my weekends are spent that very same way....
yes...i hate it too

2004-03-05 07:43:07 ET

Phenomenauts as well?!!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-03-05 11:31:58 ET


2004-03-05 14:09:22 ET

oh yeah thats on saturday huh?

2004-03-05 15:20:49 ET


2004-03-05 19:07:14 ET

Is Meggo down here!?

2004-03-06 15:54:58 ET

i dunno. she said she will be.

2004-03-08 11:22:00 ET

I miss Monterey so much. I need to come visit again soon. Maybe I should start planning that.

2004-03-08 13:16:30 ET

YES!!! And we hafta hang out damnit.

2004-03-09 04:57:36 ET

of course :)

2004-03-09 09:01:58 ET


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