i may have graduated...
2004-03-10 18:28:07 ET

but I am definatly still in high school.

this weekend rocked
but now...
I am such a fucking girl sometimes
on a lighter note
I got tested
thats not lighter

I have accomplshed nothing except for replacing the air filter in my car.
jules, I must appologize
you may serve a punishment as you see fit

2004-03-10 18:53:42 ET

Punishment? for what, I though you could do no wrong.
and don't wory, I feel like a fucking girl some times too.
hmmm, that almost came out dirty...

2004-03-11 03:40:01 ET

You can be a girl. I won't tell. ;)

2004-03-11 06:56:05 ET

whoa jules- I thought it was dirty for a second...man, that was a trip rereading that sentence

bugsy- can I really? :)

2004-03-11 14:33:53 ET

SURE! Put on some make up and a skirt and..uh..twirl. Or pirouette. Or sumfin.

2004-03-13 05:16:42 ET


2004-03-13 12:15:01 ET

Buahahahaha... *feels special cuz she's pretty sure she knows who you mean*

2004-03-13 17:11:32 ET

rikki, it's not dylan...I don't think you do know

2004-03-13 23:10:03 ET

Dammit! I was certain! And you guys would be so cute, too!

2004-03-13 23:11:07 ET

Oh, but I have ANOTHER theory, so....

2004-03-14 04:52:02 ET

It's Ben Affleck, isn't it!

2004-03-14 14:06:59 ET

what's yout other theory?.......(is nervous)(okay not really)
you think we'd be cute?....damn you and your being all right with stuff like that...dylan is not really an option...but oh man...oh man...if only...
(boy is this going to bite me in the ass)

2004-03-15 05:59:26 ET

You guys could be all button-nosed and blond together!!!

*dies of cute*

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